In the corner in which the Fairy had made us comprehend to place ourselves there wa a small table with the help of the little magic of Big Eyes , it have been moved in front of the window, and there we have placed the golden map, that with his own light we have could seen it better, and marking those danger parts, we had started to draw a plan to  exit form that castle and at the same time study in which floor and room could being the brother of Big Eyes.

In her limited movements, the Fairy could only see only what we were doing and ocassionally with another magic, she have corrected us, and throught that magical map she could talk with us.
Big Eyes was looking at us with attention, and he knew that in shortly we have would left the Fairy. 
He have stared at her, and she have smiled him, as if she knew that at end of what we have would do, we have would get comeback to her.
Studied deep that map we have understand how to prevent all those floating light, and in  which dorection we had to go to discover other creatures in that castle.

We were  about to leave the room, when the Fairy have wanted us close to her. Without know what she have would done, we have looked at us a bit surprised, she have wanted only caress us our faces.
Just few seconds later we have felt ourselves like a bit drunk, and she have have said something that we really don’t have comprehend, and she have not explained us what she had done. 

Only left the room, going sure toward the part we had studied, we have comprehended that she had accomplished an enchant. That effect have immediately vanished, but in someway,  we were feeling bonded to her, but still we had not understand what was, but we could being sure that whatever was been, it was a good thing.

That castle had only another floor to exploring, but it wasn’t the floor that it getiing scare us, but the rooms that it had, and who we would have met.
As soon reached the floor, we have discovered what the Fairy had made to us with her enchantment. 
At first we don’t had understand what was happening, and how come we were capable to see inside each locked rooms.

Like for our saving, the Fairy had given us the power to see throught the walls, and when unconscously we have given a glimpse at that aisle that we would have crossed, all in row, we have seen all those creatures locked in their rooms, and when our glance have place itsef in the latest room, without realized we held back the breathe and we have tightened the hands of Big Eyes, who have remained paralized, as if he had seen his indentical copy closed inside that room. We had understand that for him have been a great shock, but we had to move ourselves, even because those floating lights would have arrived soon, as soon they would ended the entire round of the castle, and even if the castle was enough big, the floating lights would have ending the turn soon, and on that magic map, we have could see their movements.

After passed that moment, Big Eyes have ran toward that room. Even if he knew have to don’t talk, he haven’t could resist, and he have called his brother, assuring him that he had found the most clever detectives and with them, he was finding a way to set free everybody.
While he was saying it to his brother, he was looking at me while you was checking the aisle to the opposite side and at the same time you was checking the map.

Those floating lights were coming back, and that room was the latest of that floor, and we had not other escape way to try leaned us on that wall, hoping that that one magic of the Fairy have would swallow inside that room.
And only few instants we have leaned on that wall, a sweet feminine voice have wrapped us in a enchantment and sweetly we have entered in that room just in time before that those floating lights would have crossed the latest part of that aisle.
Like the first time we have remained breathless, and we have immediately understand that was been the Fairy have helped us and she have would helped us with her magic till we have would set free everybody.

Realized that, we have turned inside the room and we were impressed by the tenderness of Big Eyes toward his brother. 
Even if they were not speaking, we have comprehend how much they had to say, even only throught the glance.

For a long instant we have looked at each other, and slowly we have made us slided ourselves on the ground, and for the very first time  from when we have entered in that castle we have taken a long breathe, and delicately you have take my hand, placing it on your chest, and i looking at you, i have caressed your face, kissing sweetly your lips.”


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