It seems

That you want still  say me something very important. 

I feel your closeness always stronger around me. 
Even today when i have opened the eyes, i have perceiveid your caresses on my belly, and it knows that the belly is our second brain. 

Our connection start just from there, and it each time happens all our body going crazy.
We feel our soft punch in the stomach revolutionizing us from the mind to  the entire body.
In these days our connection is becoming always stronger than ever, and what we are feeling is the most beautiful sensation that we can feel.

I have to throw away the air from the lungs, for feel me better, but it last not even a second. 
When our connection is around us is the most powerful enchant that Our Parallel World can accomplish. 
It say us that, despite we are so far one another we will be united forever.
Your eyes straight into mine makes me feel that soul of which i falled in love five years ago, and it continues make me feel new emotions each time our minds are connected.

It’s strabilliant each small sensation that i feeling. 
My heart is beating like a spinning top, and something inside me says you are feeling the same. 
I feeling everything is turning fast, and you are the centre of every of what i’m feeling in these instants.
Our means of all these feeling is Our Parallel World,  and even you are inside in this twirl, and we feel it throught our connection
Everything is wonderfully magic.


Listen to it 🔉⤵💜🔮

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