Now we had to understand only to understand how many hosts it had that castle, and understand how to reach that manhole, and comprehend for real where it have would conduct.

The Fairy was still floating in the middle of the room, looking at us each moves we were doing, looking for to make us comprehend what she want say us.

In all that we had to do in silence, and sigh if we had  to speak.
Big Eyes was looking at himself around, and  in his mind was already drawing a map of the castle, and when his glance have met that one of the Fairy, she was  materializing his thought. and little by little in front of her inside a sort of gold sheet of paper it have transformed that map, with more all the informatìons we had need to know. 

We had not realized of that, because we were studying how to reach that manhole, just looking at outside the window. 
Big Eyes have remained breathless. Just when the Fairy have turned, and her light have illuminated for just seconds the window, we have turned looking at her who was elongating us  that magical sheet of gold paper, and then the light around  body, have turned off, we had understand that she was given us something very important, but she have indicated our friend. Big Eyes wanted say something, but he have remained in silence. 
In the glance of the Fairy there were all the explanations that we had to know. 

Taking that golden map, we have could hear for the very first time her voice, coming out from that map. 
“Big Eyes have been capable to see the entire building, i have only interpreted those walls, in which i have could see only danger”
We remained breathless, while that Fairy was smiling us, while in that room the darkness of the night was gaining again its place. We have thanked her while on her beautiful face was painting a bit of terror.

She was perceiving that someone more important than the floating lights was coming, and immediately she have wrapped the map and one second later, she have hid the sparkling map inside your bag, and she have put her finger on her mouth, and unconditionally we held back the breathe, staring at her who was looking at us her turn.

We have could hear him talking with that skinny creature in the other room, and they were not gentle words, but at least it have semeed us that he had brought him something to eat but above all something to drink, and at end he have said: “So what you have decided?”
But from the mouth of the creature have not came out nothing. Only few a minutes after we have could hear the bang of that door that it have made us everybody jolted. 
We have looked at us scared, but then we have stared the Fairy in the middle of the room in waiting of that brutual voice who have would ask if there inside everything was ok. Looking Big Eyes she have made him understand that we had to move in one a dark corner of that room. 

That creature didn’t have opened the door, but  when made her that question, he have waited for a second and just an instant later that beautiful creature have spreaded another kind of light, and the creature behind that door have knocked twice to let her know that he had take note about her state. 
Each minute that we have remaining there, we were always more confused, and when the Fairy have looked at us more relief, we have came out from that dark corner. Big Eyes have immediately went to her, and tightening her thin hand, with only the glance he have asked her: “Are you ok?”
She have looked at him straight into his lost glance, and she have caressed his sweet greenish face.

We have remained speechless, but slowly we have came closer to her, and looking at us around, for fear that that one door came opened, we have staring that Fairy who had already understand what kind of question we would have made her.
She sweetly have invited big Eyes to came closer to her, and when she have touched the small creature, our friends have began to speaking explaining all that matter.
At first moment Big Eyes had not understand what was happening, and he was about to scream, but when i have taken him in arms, and softly i have explained that she was using his thin voice, he got calm himself, and he have looked at her till she have ended to tell that story. 

Story that we have been not capable to define. It was only a crazy idea of a mad creature who wanted build his own magic town, but with creatures snatched from another cities, and that castle was only the beginning. 
We have looked at Big Eyes, and only with a grimace we made him understand that the nickname of his brother would could being Long Eyes. He have nodded looking at us with wide eyes. 

We could not unmask everything this alone. It was something real big, and they were many lives in play. 
We had said, looking at Fairy ad above all Big Eyes. 

We were good detectives, but a deal so great like that, sincerely we had not faced up to.
Big Eyes have looked at us with his eyes greater, but before call reinforcements we had to find his brother, and it was our priority, and maybe with the Fairy map it would been easier, and the more we would be move ourselves, the more we have would do everything quicker.
So you have pulled out that bright map, and together we have began study it.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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