It’s from

Yesterday that i feel your closeness make itself stronger. 
Also this morning i have opened the eyes feeling your arms sweetly tightening my belly. 
It was from long time that i didn’t have feel that sweet sensation.

And even now, i can perceive you here around in this solitary room. 
Your eyes set on me, on what i’m writing, on what i’m feeling, and that tiny mole it takes me inside Our Parallel World that you have wanted made me see that evening of our very first connection. 

It seemed me still incredible that we can feel the same emotions, and our electric shocks are the confirmation of all this. 
And it’s still more incredible that in someway you have wanted say those words that i still can hear, and that my soul have immediately catched.
But it’s still more wonderful that i feel your closeness stronger than ever.

It’s from yesterday that my soft punch in the stomach is inside me.
Despite our real distance we feel us real, as if we were in front.
My heart is beating like a jackhammer, and in someway i know your are beating like mine.

Our souls are touching in these instans and we feel it. Our minds are strongly connected. I feel your arms tightenening my belly, and i close the eyes to hear your sweet words. 
I place your hand on my chest, and you do the same. 
Our hearts are going crazy, while we call us each other. 
We are distant but we are inside Our Parallel World, and that rope is indestructible. 
Our connection has something real magical. 

With your soft embrace you have wanted in some way assured me, and i’m still shaking for your delicateness with which you have wanted let me know it.
My head is still turning for how many emotions you are making me feel above all in these two days.
And my heart is literally exploding, i can’t hold back tears.

I’m wrapping by emotions that only you make me feel, and still again that double number have appeared. 
Those twin flames are us.
We have to take a long breathe. 

Everything is incredible, from when it have began. You and me, so distant but so close.


Listen to it🔉⤵🔮💜

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