Big Eyes have looked at us with printed that question that was repeating like a broken record, and we were looking at us around, but the reply to the question it have given us from that creature who was staring outside that window, by now without hope.
“They have thrown me in this dark room for punition. If i would have done it quickly, at this time i would have been free, and i have would gave an opportunity the others to escape.” 

We were listening to those words with careful, then you have came clolser to that creature, who seemed don’t eat from days, and he have ended his portion of water. 
You squat next to him, and with the maximum careful, you have said: “In which way you have would could help them?” 
It seemed that he had not listened to you. They have passed several minutes and that skinny creature have only looked at you without say nothing. It seemed he was living in his own dimension for escape menthally from that situation, but when you got up  looking at us, throwing away the air from the lungs, making us understand that there is nothing to do, that creature seemed wake himself from that state of almost uncosciouness and he have taken you by your arm, and looking at straight into your eyes, he have said: “I have found an underground passage, but they have caught me before uncorver where it would could conducted me, but surely outside from here…” he have continued stare at you, but when Big Eyes have came closer, that glance of that creature have moved toward our friend, and have have wided open his eyes, indicating him many time. He have believed to have hallucinations.

 In shortly, Big Eyes have explained to that creature who he was, and that we have would do our best to set free everybody. We have nodded, but now we had to know in which was that underground passage, and that creature fallen again in his silence looking at outside.

You have shared a quick glance with Big Eyes, but i have been me have noticed that creature wasn’t only looking outside, but he was staring toward a specific part of that creepy garden. 
I have came closer to the window, and after have staring that emptied glance, i  turned and immediately after i have pointed with the finger a manhole, and i whispered: “There!” 

Looking at that creature immediately, i have understand why they had put him in that room. 
In my head, i have could hear also their threats, an delicately i have touched your shoulder, taking the small hand of Big Eyes, i have sighed: “Let’s go!” 
Big Eyes have would wanted say something to that creature, but i have avoided it him. I knew how manage those situations, and it was better leave him in peace. 
Before to leave that room Big Eyes have turned and said: “We will set everybody free”, and he have came out with us. He knew well that that creature had heard him.

You have preffered to continue to go along that aisle, and see if in the other room were other prisoners, but we had met only locked doors. 
We have looked at  each other scared. Some of those floating light were about to come back, and we had no any escape way. 
You have tightened strong the hand you was holding and i have shared a scared glance with Big Eyes. 
We have leaned on that dark wall more we have could, as if we wanted become part of, and after few seconds, before that another floating light would have passed, we have been swallowed inside of it, and we have seen that candle light passing trought a kind of  liquid mirror.

After a moment of dread, we turned realizing that someone had saved us, and we have entered in one f those locked rooms.
Also that room was only illuminated by that weak moon light. We had have difficulties see the entire, and we have preffered remaine on that treshold, waiting for that our saviour made himself ahead. 
We have not wait for long.
Slowly an opal light have spread it in that room. Little by little we have could see the enviroment around, but what have interested us who was the creature who was hid behind that wonderful light.

It lifted himself in the middle of the room a beautiful faires with big magnificient blue wings. She was looking at us smiling. 
For a while we remained breathless for what we were seeing. Maybe she was one of the most beautiful creature that we had met.
Her skin was a pale green, and her blue hair were like her wings, her ears like every faires we had met: pointed.
I have came closer to her, and with sweet tone of voice i have thanked her. She have smiled me. 
We have looked at her still enchanred by her beauty. With her gentle ways she have made us take sit.
We had figured why she have not speaking. 

We had studied deep the fairies. Perhaps they were the most poweful creatures, and even pronouncing a sound they would have destroy everything they wanted. We have shared  us a glance, she have nodded. Without ask her nothing we had arrived to the same conclusion, but she was more lucid than the skinny creature in the other room.
She would have been of great help, and without make noise, she have made bright more her light, smiling.”



Listen to it🔉⤵



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