You have looked at me with wide eyes open and without say nothing you made me comprehend that beyond Big Eyes wanted made us intend it was a castle  with a story that we had to uncover, and maybe it was that his brother had intuited, uncovering the vital point, and maybe those spirits weren’t  still ready to reveal.

Surely, once entered we have would discover it. 
Now we had to find a way to enter. Knock to the big gate it was unthinkable, but the courage of that tiny creature have left us breathless. We hid ouserlves behind a bush while Big Eyes have placed in front of the great gate, and with those small paws, he have knocked twice. 
He seemed David against his Goliath. 

Despite his small size, he seemed wants faced up to that big castle that had taken his brother, and we were looking at him who was staring the top of the gate, something inside us have tightened our heart, and without wait for else, you have came out, and seen everything around was calm, have invited me to look for a secondary entrance. 
I have called Big Eyes, who have looked at once again that big wooden gate from the top to the ground, then he have looked at me who nodding him to follow us and only when he have seen us moving us, he have ran faster he could, reaching me, and like a child he have wanted that i taken his hand, thing i have done, following you.

Only when we have made a half round, we have seen an open window. It seemed was there for us.
In that bag you had brought, you had put even a rope and a harpoon for caution. 
Looking at the height, you have thrown away the air from the nostrils, and taking the measure you have tried but you failed, but you have not give up yourself, and at the second throw the harpoon have attached itself to the brick wall inside that room. 
You preferred to go up first to make sure that there were no traps of any kind inside, and so, after checking quickly, you pulled up the rope with me and Big Eyes attached.

When we have entered in that room, even you have started to look at everything with much more attention what was inside, and it seemed us a second library. We have shared a quick glance, and we have stared Big Eyes who was already  leaving the room. 
We knew that he had hurry to find his brother, but i have reached him in time.
“You brother is in this castle, we know that you know it, but now we have to move ourselves with cautions. We don’t know what, and above all who can we meet.”
Big Eyes with that lost glance have looked at me first then you, and you have nodded on what i had said him.
So he have remained inside the room with us. 

The door of that library was closed, therefore we have could plan a sort of plan, as soon we have would decide to go out. 
From below the door we have could see those candle lights cross that aisle, and not every lights went toward a part. It was a come and go. As soon ended we have opened the door, and without thinking much, we have directed toward that part less frequented by those «spirits» or presences as Big Eyes was calling them.

As soon see another light crossing the aisle we have came out and we entered in another room, but this time we have entered in a dark one, and almost we have clashed with several chairs, and only looking at out that window we have realized that the day had welcomed to the evening, and only a pale half moon was illuminating the sky already black.

We have came closer tot the window to see outside, but only we have came closer to the curtain we have heard a lament came from just from that room, and just close to us. 
There was a chair next to the window placed just in front of the window, and that lament came from that part. 
The moon beam were really weak to illuminate all the rooom. but when that lament have transformed iteself in a warn, we have immediately understand that the brother of Big Eyes had perceived well.

Those floating lights that were crossing along those aisles, werent’s only spirits or whatever they were.
They were  guardians of all those poor souls enclose in that castle, became an enormous jail, and among those laments we had heard a  clear: “Go away till you can!”
Now there was no longer an operation to look for one only creature, but set free all we have would meet. 

Realized of this, we have looked at each other searching for what we could do in that instant. 
We have taken  on the sidelines Big Eyes, and throwing away all the air from the lungs, we looking at each other, you have confirmed that his brother had seen something bad in there, and i have added: “He have wanted come to try settle everything” and Big Eyes have ended our thought, staring at us with that his glance: “… and he is ended like the others. How we do?”

We have looked at each other, but we have say nothing. Big Eyes knew that we have would find a way to make go out everybody.”



Listen to it🔉⤵




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