Saying to that tiny creature to wait for us we have reached the iron gate, and we have take a glimpse beyond of it.
For real, it seemed that acrossing that black gate, we would have dive ourselves in another period, and maybe in another century.
We have looked at each other, and together we have nodded, studying how to overstep that gate without being noticed. 
We had to do it silent, while we were planning a way, our friend was already entered, and without make us noticed, he have used a little magic. Slowly he have delicately lifted us from ground and in short we had exceeded that passage that it woud have been, maybe the harder to cross.

He was already to other side, and with few magical words he have wrapped us inside in an invisible cloud, and in few instants we have landed to the other side. 
Sure to being not seen, we have remained a bit overwhelmed by what that tiny creature have been capable to do, and at end i had have the courage to asked him what his name, and from where he came from.

He have looked at us a bit scared, but after a sweet smile of mine, he have started to whisper.
“From where i come from it is not use give names, but only nickname on base on our capacities. Mine is Big Eyes, because i can see beyond the simple object or creatures that i have in front and everything i’ve seen inside this castle it’s the pure reality. It’s not only haunted as the inhabitants of the city wants believe. There is something more.”
I was about to asking him more, but he have read my mind. The next question was obvious.
“From several days my brother, was perceiving something misterious from this castle, and the beliefs of my town says that the next of kin have to follow him and describe what he have seen, and on base on what he have seen the leader of our town have to decide the nickname to give. We had three days, but already at the first day, when he came inside, there have been strange movements. I have waited his return for a whole entire day, but…. I have looked for help everywhere, i didn’t wanted return in town. When i have decided to went down, the passage to this city was unavoidable, and i have seen all those festoons, i have stopped myself, and looking at around, i have found myself to read that long article, and when i have understand that everything was regarding you… it was enough a look to comprehend that i had to try… and i know that my brother is still inside there…” and his glance have turned toward that creepy castle.

Slowly we got back to stare in front of us. The noises of that city that Big Eyes had learnt to know just few hours earlier were a far buzz, and now known a bit more the story of Big Eyes, we have looked at each other throwing away the air from lungs, we have take a look toward that big wooden door, and with a sigh, you have said: “Let’s try to enter.”
We had to cross a long garden with great statues of several creepy gargoyle, and only when we arrived to the entrance, we have take again breathe, looking at us around. 

Leaned on that brick wall, for the very first time we had noticed despite at horizon the sun was blinding, on that hill those beam of light were obstacled by a grey blanket, and it seemed that was about to rain.
You have wanted see what you could see trough a big window next that big wooden gate. 
You have not say remain where we were, it would been useless. I would have been the first to follow you, and it have been so, Big Eyes have placed himself in middle of us, and only when you have reached the window, with careful you have looked at inside.

It seemed see a place of  the past. Everything was illuminated by candles, and  everything seemed floating, and in someways you was sure to have seen a couple of candles crossing the aisle through the door open of that small salon that could have be a library. 
Right after you have squat and without say nothing, you have looked at me inviting me to see inside. 
I have elongated myself and after a couple of minutes even i have seen another couple of candles crossing the aisle at the bottom of that room.
Immediately after  i have squat and our glances have met that of Big Eyes who was waiting for to enter.
For what we had seen it seemed a haunted castle, but we had to believe more to that tiny creature, and we had to enter.”


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