Even if

Your glance isn’t toward mine, i can feel your presence in this solitary room in which Our Parallel World is at its maximum, and i can feel your arms around my belly, and our connection is about to begin.
Everything here,  our connection can explode without any obstacle.
Here it’s more magical, we can feel us so close, and our heart can beat  like two  jackhammer at unison.

We can feel our souls merging each other with our delicateness, an we can feel our hands touch our bodies as we wants, and feel our breaths become only one.
You whisper my name and i sigh your. 

Here our intimacy is raising up to the universe and get back, make us feel what we have always been, one and unique soul in two bodies that have found the way stay together, maybe in the highest and beautiful way possible. 
You feel me and i can feel you so close and it’s the most beautiful sensation we have felt in our lives.
We have spent almost half our life looking for, but at end we have found, and it’s wonderful, despite we are still far each other.


Listen to it 🔉⤵💜

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