As very first thing we had to assured us that around that big hill there were no nothing dangerous, maybe we were disagreed that tiny creature of which still we didn’t knew his name, but he would surely said it us along the street toward that big hill.

That morning we have would not think to embark us immediately in a new case, but maybe it was what we had need.  You have prepapred a quick bag with some few things that you have thought were important, of course a binoculars, but in your case it was a monocle, and rubbing it, you have said: “I have waited for an ocassion like this. It have gave me by my grandpa. When he said «Once you will have need of it, and you will going proud of it» and till  few few minutes ago, i had not understand his words” and you have placed it inside the bag, not before made it see to that tiny creature, then to me. We have smiled  you. 

I had prepared a fast cups: coffee for me tea for you and milk for that sweet creature who was looking at our preparation with such curiosity. For him get dress , it was a waste of time. We have could comprehend him. But for sure we could not go out in underwear. We have shared a sweet glance with our first client, after that D&L Investigation had solved that big mistery, and we knew to have to don’t fail. 
Drinking the latest sips of our breakfast, we have looked at each other, and throwing away all the air from the lungs, we have said us: “We are ready. Let’s go!”

When we have left the office, in the street there was a strange atmosphere. There was no the joy, that we have left few hours ago. It seemed being back to the usual normality, and those creatures who have saluted us joyful, were got back to don’t notice us. Just few baby creatures have recognized us and they have  saluted us waving their small paws, while their parent barely have smiled us. 
The city was still sleepy, and only in those instants, we have realized that we have got up at first lights of that day, and everything was slowly moving.

With your bag on your shoulders, you was keeping my hand, and in front of us there was that small creature who seemed impatient to reach that borderline to make us see that big hill from where we have could that castle.
We have realized of the early hours of the day, passing in front of the striptease. It was all well locked.
Just when we have looked at our right, our hand have tightened more, and we have accelerated the steps, while the creature in fronf of us was already indicating that hilll, almost running toward that borderline of the city. 

That borderline was a real a split between the city and the big green around, and that castle it was the only building over the top.
As soon exit, you have stopped, and have made us squat next to you, while you was bringing your monocole to your eyes, and you have given a glimpse everything around.

Despite we had no fear of nothing, it was better check that everything around that creepy building, was calm, but what you have seen didn’t have promised nothing good.
Without say nothing, you have passed me the monocole, and what i have seen it have freezed me the blood.
Through that old monocole, it seemed we got back in time of several century, and those candle lights floating in room in room with a such quickness that have  made us stopped our hearts in the exact moment in which we have looked at each other.

After that quick stop, we knew that we had to came closer, at least reach the gate of that mansion to study of how many rooms it was  made up, and only got back to the reality, we had realized that our tiny friend had started to go there, without think to being, maybe in danger. 
We have looked at us with wide eyes open and we have reached him at half street. 
He was decided to enter in that castle. We have stopped him in time.
Together with him we have reached the brick fence, and we have take a look better inside. 
All of a sudden all ad at the same time, inside that big castle, all the candle lights have turned off. 
We have remained breathless.”



Listen to it🔉⤵



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