That white envelope on our table have got us curious much.
With the glance we had also questioned Jim and his deaf collaborator, but they have been as much taken by our words and jokes that they hadn’t see nobody pass next to the big table, and for a while of the evening we have passed to stared each costumers. In some or that way, we knew all those faces, and in that special evening there were just a handfu lof new faces, that we already seen around. 

So we have decided to spend the remainning hours in peace with the beautiful’ Michelle coregraphy and the amazing music that the small  orchestra was playing live. 
That evening have ended when only Michelle from the stage have said us: “I would like entertain you till the dawn, but now it’s time to go…” and when she went down, she have came to us, and she have started saluted everybody. She have left us for last one. 
I knew her so well. She wanted know everything about her show.
The most beautiful thing apart her performances, it have been her innovation. Till that the salon it wasn’t emptied, the orchestra had to continue play. I have found her new idea very cool. 
The orchestra was playing little jam session. 

That striptease club was becoming always more beautiful. “It had need of you”, i had said her embracing her tight, but then that question have came out spontaneously.
“Do you have notice someone particularly interested where we would have sit?” 
Michelle have looked at me first then have stared you, and you have pulled out that white envelope, and in a sigh, you have said: “We have found it when we got back to sit”, and you have made it see to her.
She have stared it, but she haven’t touched it, and then when she got back staring us, with wide eyes open.
“No, nobody. I would have been the first to know it. By now, all the filtres pass trough me, and however guy you are the greatest D&L Investigation. From now on you have to wait many demands”, you have smiled her looking at that white envelop that you had still in hand.
“You have to take a break. Go and rest… see you tomorrow” she have said.
“You have been spectacular!”  I have said her and i have thanked her for everything she had organized. 
I embraced her again, and the music of the orchestra have faded when we have left the big salon.

We have saluted everybody, and finally we have left the striptease club. 
We have walked for a bit in silence, and we both knew what  the other was thinking.
Only when we arrived in front to our building, we have stopped for a while and we have looked at each other, and then without hesitation we entered in that office that, by now, have became, also our apartment, a bit small, but in a certain way  it was that one why we liked it.
We had no need of big space. We have stopped to look at it a while, and there were still all B&B  reports scattered on ground. I have started to collected them, while you have sat on the couch and have started to open that white simple white envelope, and you have started to read what was wrote on that simple white sheet of paper, not before examined it everything. From the kind of sheet of paper to the calligraphy that it seemed that one of a creature who was attempting write without trembling, but from the trace, you have understood that who had wrote that note, was trembling much, and even he was crying. 

In the middle of that sheet of paper there was a big spot of a greenish tears, and when you have noticed you have made me sign to come closer. You wanted me see it, while you was continuing to read it. 
When we have moved in that city, one of the first thing that we have had to learn, it have been that to distinguish the varieties of blood, skin, nail, ad even that one of the tears. 

When the first clients have came to ask our help, we don’t know how many kleenex’s boxes we have consumed, and one day of those, you have proposed to catalog even the kind of tears. You had right. Even if we have failed  in many investigations, we have could indetify what kind  of creature was that had left the envelope.
And it was one of the smaller. We had met just a couple of them in our lives.
Now that we had focused on who we had in front, i have prayed you to read again the letter that small creature had wrote us.

It was a disappereance case. His brother have been seen for the last time nearby the castle over the big hill close the town, and  what the letter was saying, it could have happened something inside the mansion. 
The castle for what we knew it was uninhabited, but they were only voices that we had heard, and from the words of that letter, that small creature, he had heard voices that was confirmed the opposite.
The lastest words have conviced us to go deeper.
In those sentences we had found much of us. “We owe it to him” i have  said you, and delicately you have take me my hands, looking at straight into my eyes, and with a gentle nod you have said: “Yes”.


Listen to it🔉⤵




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