When we entered again in the striptease club, the Michelle’s dancers had ended their number, and a great burst of applauses, the audience was collapsing the whole theatre, but Michelle have been careful to our entrance, and she have guided the light techinician  to frame us, and on her beautiful face have printed one of the beauitiful smile, and without make her waiting for, you have screamed her: ” Michelle, make us going crazy with you famous number!” 
She knew what you have meant.
She have nodded and got back the red drapery, giving some little orders to their dancers, and in few seconds that sexy music that every knew well, have started, and when she have came out, everybody, includes us we have applauded her, and me i have found  myself whistling.

Looking at everything around, now seemed  something different. That grey blanket around everything was vanished, and really slowly those colorshave became more vivid, and even the red drapery on the stage had its own charm. 
I have could see the real joy on each  face that i was looking at, turning myself around in that big salon, and that joy we could even touch. It was floating among those creatures, and i have could see  Michelle dancing without any problem even if she wrong some step. 
On the contrary, she smiling aloud, and she was stopping herself in the middle of the stage, by now completly naked, and her joyness was even this. She didn’t care of it. She knew that in some or that way, everybody in that striptease, had seen her in their own fantasy, like this, how she was and i was admiring her so much.

There was a special atmosphere in that salon, and everybody were aware of it, and us even have realizing of that.
In your eyes was a light that could illuminate the whole club, but you have reserved it only for me, and it have been fantastic.
And it have been a big surprise when the spotlight, from the stage have moved to our table, just in that moment in which you was about  to say me: “How much i love you!” Those words have resounded in that entire theatre, and after a few seconds of silence, Michelle have invited you on stage to say some words.

“We want hear what they have been your feelings when you found yourself in front this wonderful girl..!” and so  the spotligh have tightened its beam on my face, from behind Cyclope with his big voice have whispered: “I think she want you on stage too…” and delicately, he have pushed me to go toward there
Biting my lips, i have been capable to take your hand, and when you have realised that i was next to you, have smiled me. 
Together we went up, and only in that instants i have could embrace my Michelle. 
That embrace have lasted several seconds. 

Everybody have waited for without lamenting. They knew that those instants were very important for both, and after dried our tears, Michelle have taken the micrphone and  she have screamed : “Daria and Luke!” and she moved backward. 
For us the real aknowledgement was that one, among those creatures and familiar faces, and those great applause it seemed us  very sincere.

When Michelle have gave you the microphone, you have started talking on what have happened, and i have replied you smiling, even joking. We wanted that everybody had fun themselves, and we had fun also on serious things.
In the darkness of that salon, we have could see Jim translate each things we were saying to the deaf tiny creature who was smiling.

We wanted just this. They had to forget all that bad matter, and see only the beauty of that city that had offering. Also on bad things, there was that tiny funny side, and in that instants, we have wanted made them see.
They were only laughs that we wanted hear, but we knew that they weren’t stupid creatures, on contrary.
All that, it was  for exorcizing and remove it definitely from our minds.

Also Michelle have  catched that funny side, and right after we had talked and laughed, she have said laughing: “They want take my place!! Go away from MY STAGE!” and laughing aloud we have left it. 
The spotlight have accompanied us till our table, and only when that beam of light have illuminated the table, we have noticed a white envelope, all of sudden  we have became serious, and we have looked at each other.
But we had have the same thought, and you have placed it inside the pocket of your pants. 

That evening we wanted only have fun. We have looked at each other for a last time serious, then we have smiled us, and we got back see Michelle on stage while she announcing another new number, and a sweet music have begin, while a show of colored ostrich feather, have invaded the stage.”


Listen to it🔉⤵


⇐We remained -65-


⇐The Grey Tale

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