I have really missed write, dive myself in Our Parallel World of fantasy, but listening to this music, i have already some ideas to develop. 
I hope it may like youy what i have in mind.

Now delicately i can feel your closeness, and your glance set on mine, make me feel breathless.
That light in your eyes is very unique, it make me throw away all the air from the lungs.
Slowly i can perceive your arms around my belly tightening themselves more.

I’m biting my lips, because beyond what i want send you, there is something special that i want you receive. Maybe it will be a stuipid thing, but if you will receive it, it will be a great thing for me. 
You have gave me this possibility. I hope you may like it.

Our electric shocks are crossing our minds fast, and i can feel your embrace make itself stronger.
Our soft punch in the stomach is there, and maybe it’s the most beautiful sensation that i can perceive.
It means that in  these instants everything is turning how it have to. Everything around us, and i starting to trembling.
Our connection is become stronger, and Our Parallel World has enclosing us inside of it, and these sensations are only ours.

We are in Our Parallel World, and despite we are far, we feel us so close. 
I can feel your breathe envelope my being, and you can feel my heart beating like a crazy.
It’s our connection that it make us feel so strange in these minutes. 

If you could place your hand on my heart, you could feel it beat like a jackhammer.
I love this sensations running in my body, and i know you are feel it the same.
Everything is turning around our magic. Our connection.


Listen to it🔉⤵

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