The Grey Tale

I always loved write since i was a child. 
Till now i have given outburst to all my fantasy, and till now i was sorrrounded myself by characters who have became part of my life.
For me writing is a dayly necessity. I can set free some emotions and sensations that i have difficultiy to express with words. 

In this open diary i express all myself without put me in front any walls.
Here i have started to write little thoughts, poems, but then i said myself: “Why try take again to write tales?” 

After my long adventure of my second novel “Our Parallel World” that i have loved so much, my desire to write haven’t stopped, on the contrary it has grown each day have passed.
After the several prequel and sequel of the novel, i have said myself: “Let’s continue”, and it’s what i’ve done. 
I have explored many dimensions, as i have described them.
Dimensions and stories that in someways, had the same thread.
Stories with  different characters of which i have fonded very much. 
Also now, if i remember some of their names, they have miss me alot, they have taught me much and each experiences i have done with them will be a refer point for my next stories i will write. 

All tales i have wrote, have made me maturate inside. 
When i have started write The Grey Tale, i have wanted challenge myself. 
I wanted write something different. 
I perfectly remember that day in which i have started to write it.

That day of three months ago, i was in my little house, and slowly my head have started create piece by piece everything: the atmosphere, those pale colors that would have accompanied me till the end, and above all that idea of that coffee spots on your picture have given me the cue to develope the story around a real dective story. 

I don’t know if i have centred the point, but as my very first detective story, i hope to have get curious the readers who have read it till the end, and i hope don’t being went out of theme. 

As in an “unlikely interview” i relased, they are the starrings who guide me inside the story and not the contrary. 
I have looked for to follow the story’s thread, but ocasionally the characters have wanted me see particulars that they have thought were important, and as their means, i have had to linger on them and make you see them, and i have to admit i really loved describe them.

Also for the choice of the background music, The Grey Tale have been special. 
Also if it is an urban fantasy, therefore in an unspefic enviroment, the music that have i choose, it helped me to give a certain style to the narration. I really hope to have been capable  to make you (reader) savour more the ambience of what i wrote in these three months.
Music of two playlists that i have upload on my Souncloud .
I’m sure that each time i will listen to The Grey Tale background music, one by one i will meet my creatures friends, but i’m sure that i will miss to listen, above all “The Luke’s Theme”, as i named it a slow piece of which i have fonded very much.

In end, i want always thanks Luke, who unconditionally, have given me that push to try up to where i could go, and till now all the places  i’ve been, have enriched my soul of something real magic.


Listen to it🔉⤵


⇐We remained -65-


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