As in a twirl

Everything is starting to turn, and we both know that is our connection.
Everything begin from that soft punch in the stomach and continues till arrives in our heads for then makes explode our small electric shocks. 

I can feel your closeness make itself closer, and your embrace is always so sweet.
I see the clock the that double number is about to arrive, and by now it’s a constant, and my head is turning faster. 
It means that our mind are connected each other. 
I feel you, and you are feel me.
In our minds is unleashing a storm of our electric shocks, that we are feeling but only from far. 
Only our souls are inside of them.

They have appeared at moment before that that double number have appeared. 
Our hearts are going crazy, because have felt it just few seconds before us. 
We have to throw away all the air from the lungs. 

We are feeling all these sensations revolutionizing ourselves, and despite we should be used to it it’s always a thing that make us feel breathless.
My fingers are trembling on this keyboard, and everything i’m thinking about is that even you are feeling the same.

Our Parallel World is made also if this. It have emptied our minds from everything, and slowly it is filling us by these emotions, always the same, but always new, and we remain envelope by them, while with our electric shocks we are communicating each other. 

Sometimes, we remain too overwhelmed, and we asking ourselves:”What’s going on!” 
But we know what is going on already.  Sometimes it’s so powerful that we even don’t understand  how’s possible everything this. 
Instead is like this, and we have give up ourselves. 

Since our connection have begin, we are envelope by sensations, as much strong, that we are still asking: “What does Universe want say us?”… and in meawhile, we are wrapped by these big emotions. 
Emotions that each day has growing always more.

We are in Our Parellel World.


Listen to it 🔉⤵

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