We remained -65-

Speechless when the spotlight have illumuniated our entrance, and a peal of  clapping have enveloped our entrance and Michelle from the stage was announcing aloud: “Creatures here they are our heros!”, and slowly entering  in the big salon we have seen alot of creatures that we have known, being usual customers of the striptease, and among them we have seen Jim, who have made us sign touching himself the forhead, and with my commotion i have noticed, his deaf collaborator, and with the heart in throat i have saluted him with sign language.

I have turned toward you, really moved. You have shyly smiled me, and  really slowly we have take sat at central table reserved for us. We have looked at us around overwhelmed for what Michelle had organized. 
We have invited Jim to sat at our table with his small collaborator, and without thinking much they have accepted our invite.
I was breathless, and big tears rolling from my face, and i wasn’t capable to stop them. You was looking at me tightening my hand, leaving set me free of  all those repressed emotions that i had accumulated in that long period.

I have finally seen even Pepe with his dog and the homeless almost unrecognizable as much he was changed. 
Cyclope with the help of the Michelle helper, had given him some new clothes, and they had given him a refreshen, and now we could see  his real physiognomy, and as much he was a singolar creature, he had charm to sell.
Only when i have recognized him under that new his look, i have made him noticed to you, and even you have remained surprised by his changed, and you have invited our friends from the Praire Dog Motel to sat next to us.

Michelle had ordered to settle the famous big table for us, but she had left all the chairs at their place, so we could decide who invite.
Seen that everything was at  right place, Michelle from the stage have given the way to the show, saying: “Guys this is for you!” and she went behind the big red drapery, and only when the lights have turned off in the salon, the only one spotlight have illuminated the drapery. Only few seconds after the music have started to play. 

For a short instants we have looked at each other, and then we have got back see the stage, Michelle have appared once again surrounded by other dancers, and she have started dance, newest number. 
“Since when everything have ended, she haven’t stop to train herself. She have trained at closed doors. Not even us we have seen it. Also for us it’s the very first time.” have sighed Cyclope behind me.
I knew her old number, and each time i have had the possibility see it, i have remained breathless. 

Despite her big size, her moves were always delicate and of an incredible lightness.
Now she seemed was taking the flight. She was really a show looking at her, and her ostrich feathers the others dancer made them flutter around her, were her second nature element, and it could see she loving them so much.
That blossom of colors  making her still more beautiful than she was already.

She knew how to take off the clothes that she had on, without ever make her show obvious and ever of bad taste, on the contrary. It  was always so delicate, and gentle, and always at end of her performance, she knew how to make remain with bated breath, and her ostrich feathers were playing a very important part, because they hiding, but they let understand always something, and it was her skill to place them at the right place, and she knew that always she would going crazy everybody.
I always have remain fascinating by her, and that evening i have been more. 

It could see, that she was dancing with the total awareness that that nightmare was over. 
She went down from the stage, and she was playing with her ostrich feathers with everybody, and when have came at our table, she played with all our guests and even you. 
You was almost embarassed… i have looked at her smiling her, biting my lips, and when she have left the pink ostrich feather around your neck kissing you, i have said her: “You are the greatest!” clapping her, and then i got back to look at you, enveloped by that pink ostrich feather, and together we have smiled, but right after we have looked at each other sweetly and i have said: “I love you much”, then you have tightened my hand strong.

We have entered in our magical bubble. Slowly everything moving away, the applauses from before a big noise, they have became a soft buzz in our ears, and the happy faces of our friends have became a perfect frame to memorize in those instants in our minds, but now that we were surrounded only by the joyness, and everything was really ended,  we wanted taste those latest moments of that evening, alone.

You have made me understand that you wanted go out, and delicately you got up taking my hand, and after look at Michelle, who had understand the moment, she have nodded and she have continued her show, presenting a new number.

We have came out, and a silence was enveloping that part of city, and it’s a that kind of silence, our hearts wanted hear in that moment. 
We have sat on the sidewalk. 
Delicately i have placed my head on your shoulder, tightening your arm with my hands, and we remained so, looking at ahead.”


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