Thinking that

I have ended my Grey Tale, i only throw away all the air from the lungs. I will miss all those friends that in three months i have created with you.

I can imagine you in the same situation when you have ended your books. 
I feel your closeness here in this solitary room, and you are transmitting your sensation. 
And the same question that have hammered your head, now is hammering mine. 
“And now?” i feel a interioral void… I will miss you, and all our friends that in these three months have accompanied me, i will miss that atmosphere that i have been capable to create with  a bit also thanx your music.

I feel our connection make itself stronger.
You know what i have in mind, i hope to have the courage to do it for real. 
I would like you would have the possibility to read it, and when you have gave me that chance, i have alway thought to this tale. 

Also if isn’t perfect, you will understand my reasons.
I feel your soft electric shocks crossing my mind, and i perceive your breathe envelope my being, and your arms are tightening stronger the belly. 

I feel you, and you are feel me. 
We both are throwing away all the air from the lungs, and our souls are rising in the sky touching themselves intertwinning for then get back in our bodies. 
Our hearts have stopped for  that tiny instant.
All this is inside our  incredible connection.


Listen to it🔉⤵


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