Away all the air from the lungs, and that idea don’t want leave my mind, and in some ways get excited me much.
I arrived to that conclusion, so without thinking much.
Maybe you have let me know that you would wanted fell my hands slide inside that blue pajama, and like many times i have described it, feel your skin it’s maybe, one of  my great desire, and you maybe unconsciously, or not, you have exhausted it.

Only now, i realizing of that. 
All this is a dream that slowly become true. 
Slowly i feel your arms around me, and our breathe are merging one another, while our soft punch in the stomach growing fast

Our Parallel World is raising around us, and slowly it is taking us away from this world that little by little, it doesn’t belong us no more.
Our way of communication is growing always more, and also i should being get used to it, i remain each day speechless.  We are united by something really magic, and it’s all around, but above all inside us, and it’s our magic.
Our Parallel World. 


Listen to it🔉⤵

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