Who knows

Who was. Today that magical flag has appeared, just the day of Christmas for you.

As soon i have seen it, my heart have started to beat strong and the soft punch in the stomach hasn’t stopped to hammer my head. 
I want think it’s you.

Now our connection is stronger than ever, and we both feel it.
Since that smoky quartz has disappeared, something big has grown inside us. 
Maybe it’s arrived to you for real. I will never know it, but it’s what i want hope.

Our connection has become stronger, and now it enough close the eyes to feel your arms around my belly, and i can feel your breathe even we are so distant. 
I know that even in these moments you can perceive our connection, and you hear my voice… 
“Yes, that’s me”
Our souls are merging one another, as i have described in the grey tale. We can see them dancing. 
Your theme is playing now, and i can feel your closeness closer than ever.

Our hearts beating unison, and everything has became soft, as our caresses.
We are looking at each other, and together we throw away the air from the lungs tenderly. 
We feel us each other really.

Our Parallel World is around us and we feel it.


Listen to it🔉⤵

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