Got back -61-

In the room we were as if were landed once again in that city that we had saved. 
You have continued me to dry with that big towel, with a such tenderness that i left you do till you have stopped, lifting my face toward you, and you have repeated me: “How i missed you”, making me throw away all the air from the lungs, and that your embrace have been so spontaneous that a little tear have fallen from my face, and without realizing that little moment had also moved you. 

When we have break away one from another, we dried our tear shyly smiling. 
We knew that we have to got prepare ourselves, perhaps for the very first important aknowlegement of our lives as private investigators, but in those instants our biggest desire was remain in that office, maybe still wrapped in that towel.
You have dragged me in that couch, whispering me: “Let’s pretend of nothing. Let’s taste these instants”, and for a  long moment, we have been embraced in silence. Each of us were listening the breathe of the other, and our hands almost unconsciously, were caressing the naked body of who was embracing.

We wanted remained like this forever. We were establishing once again a connection, that in reality, it was been never turned off, but we wanted feel those small electric shocks that we were feeling each time we were talking through the mind, and that heat the only us could hear. 
We wanted make our souls dance, and in that white towel, embraced, we have could see them twirl above us, and right after interexchange themselves in our bodies, for then got back in own one.

Right after we were feel each other, as if everything was really ended, and when you have sighed my name, i lifted the face and when i met your, i have seen half wonder, but then i whispered: ” It is ever went away. It’s our little magic!” 
Delicately i placed your hand on my chest, and i sighed: “Do you feel it? It have been your soul…”, and slowly you have done the same. 
Your heart is going crazy. I have smiled you, caressing your face,  reaching your tiny mole, and i have simply nodded. You have looked at me as if you had forgot it, but then you have said: “It have been always your magic…”
I stared at you breathless because i would have say the same thing of you, but i remained in silence, throwing away delicately the air from the lungs, and when your glance have fallen on the clock above the window behind your desk, also you have breathed a long, and looking at me straight in those eyes that they wanted not stick off from you, you have said: “Bob will be arriving shortly. Better pick out some clothes to wear.” With the strangest face, i tried not to laugh. You also knew that there were very few beautiful clothes in that closet, but only clothes for a quick change, and they weren’t elegant clothes at all.

In front to that cupboard, after a minute of conteplation, we have looked at each other and you have take a pair of pants for me, a simple shirt, and then taking a pair of pants for you, you have said: “They will have to settle!”
I shrugged, and i settled your collar all crumpled.

We had time to dress and Bob had knocked the door of  our office, and almost blushing i have saluted him asking how he was doing. On his big face there were still sign of some  scratches. Bob have coughed and he have replied “Yes, i’m ok. After all i have hard skin” and he have gave himself a couple of slaps on his enormous arms.
“That one who have suffered a bit more, it have been here the present one” indicating you, and you have coughed.
For a moment we everybody remained in silence, but then we have explode ourselves in a big laugh.
Leaving the office, you have began to excuse yourself joking with Bob. 

I was looking at you. In those minutes  i have understand that you both were exorcizing everything you had faced up to. 
Coming out from the building, you were still laughing. 
I delicately, have taken your hand, then you have stared at me for a bit, asking help, but in that case, i have had stay at your game. I wanted make won Bob, and everybody us have laughing aloud. 
Also me, i wanted feel myself free.”


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