When we -60-

Entered in the agency, all sudden a silence have envelope us, but  a different silence from what we have got used  to «hear». it wasn’t the usual silence after a big buzz. It was a silence deeper.
I have accompanied  you toward my desk, and shyly i smiled you.
Entered in the agency, we had for real turned page and all that bad matter was real ended.

Since when we entered we had not say a word. It seemed that we wanted savouring each seconds of those moments in peace. 
There were only soft touches and our glances and some delicate whispers. 
We knew that we were in the office only to take a shower and get prepare ourselves to meet the Mayor, but maybe those minutes we were set free us from that heavy weight that was still in our bodies, but above in all minds.
In those minutes the only things the it could hear, were our breathes that slowly have becoming only one.

It seemed that we were in a soft twirl, and our bodies were dancing unison with our hearts.
You have came closer to me, and when your forehead have softly touched mine, you have looked at me deeply and you have started to unfastened the shirt. 
Only when you have made it slide over my shoulders, slolwly i have began unfastened your, and slowly those shirts have fallen on floor. 

Shyly smiling you have brought me in that small bathroom, while other clothes, for magic have disappeared.
That shower have began to get wet our bodies sweetly. My hands were on your chest, and you was caressing me everywhere. Delicately i have started to do the same, while that shower was cleaning us from all what we had faced to.
I seemed you so little and fragile among your arms. You had fear to break me. When i have lifted my face toward your, in that office it was heardt, for the very first time a sound. 
I have sighed your name, and you have tightened stronger my hips, and when i have perceive your desire growing, i have opened delicately my legs, and you have caressed the thighs, coming to touch that little place that was waiting for  to blossom. 

Another whisper flew in air for then vanish immediately after that our lips have met each other, while you was about to make me go crazy. 
While the water was going down on our bodies, you have taken me lifting me from floor, and delicately you have lean me on the wall of that shower, me i have gripped on your neck, and finally with a soft but dry thrust, we have became one only body, but above all one soul.

Entering in your ears, my soft moan have made you wanted me enjoy more, till i have explode, and you have felt yourself being  awash by my warm orgasm, while you was feeling my little cotractions keep you always more inside me. 
After your sweet thrusts have continued, and despite i was exhausted, you have continued to thrust yourself till also you have reached the climax. 
In those seconds we were in another world. 
The water was cleaning our bodies, bringing away our fluids that even on the floor of that small shower were merging one in another.

While the water was still went down, we have looked at each other. 
Shyly smiling, our foreheads have touched, and our glances were straight one inside another, and you sighed: “We have to go”.  I didn’t wanted move myself, but slowly you have turned off the shower, and making me slide on the floor, you have take me among your arms, and taking that big white big towel you have enveloped both our bodies inside of it. 
While i was carressing your chest, and you was drying my body, you was saying me how much you have missed me. 
And after that, we have looked at each other for a moment then you have came closer and our lips have touched once again.”


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⇐It seemed us -59

Got back -61-⇒

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