It seemed us -59-

Strange get back in town in a car, so tightened, while everybody were talking happy.
Instead us, we were enclosed in our thoughts. Thoughts that were meeting  each other, in the mind of the other.
We have pretended  that everything was ok, but what the homeless had said us, had disturbed a bit.
But it was the concrete reality. 

From almost anonymous private agency of which the success it could be count on three fingers, now it have became the most famous agency that had uncovered all the ills-deals of an great underworld organization, and from that day on, we have could only wait for just exclusively important tasks. 

When i have could feel your hands tightenening me stronger, i have perceive that we were thinking the same thing. 
In a sigh that only you have caught, i have said: “It will be fine!”
You have pulled me toward your chest, and in a sweet whisper i have could hear the most beautiful “I love you” that a human being have said. It have entred inside me, and for a endless moment, it have make me trembled.

At certain point Billy have asked us where we would wanted go before to meet the Mayor. That famous appointement would be scheduled in the afternoon, and  before to go the City Hall, we would could take a shower, change, and being presentable to the big to the highest office in the city.
Surely to the agency we have would could take a shower, but for the dresses we were really scarce, but we have would found something in that cupboard that we had not opened from long time.

So i have said: “Please Billy, at the agency. There we will change us “
Billy nodded, and have continued to talk with Pepe and the homeless. 
Occasionally we have smiled at their jokes, but they knew that they were only convenience’s smiles. 
Even our driver knew that our thoughts were somewhere else. 

And when the small black car was acrossing that piece of street where there was the building where have happened everything, he have got slow down. He knew very well that, we have would ask to go slower.
Jim and his team, was no longer there. They had dismantled and tbrought away all those boxes, and my first thought went toward small deaf  creature, and unconsciously i tried to imitate that sign language that you had made him, and sweetly from behind your hand helped me to remember how i had to do. 

“I haven’t asked Jim what was his name…”
“My love, don’t worry, i’m sure that we will meet him once again.”
Billy have smiled at our speech while he was loking at straight the street. 
Living in that desertic zone from long time Pepe have interrupted to talking with Billy, and he have started to admire every streets lamps and the creatures  walking on those sidewalk and he was astonished by how many building there were all in row. 

Surely we could not hosts Pepe, his dog and the homeless, so i have asked Billy brought them to the striptease club, where Yvonne and Cyclope have would take care of their needs, in particular Cyclope who, beyond a good barman, he was capable to heal any kind of pain. He was a sort of healer, and maybe they have would could find a place for the night. I have would not  permit them to get back in that motel, after our aknowledgement, and knowing Michelle, i knew that, after read that long article, she have would organized something above all for our reunion, and now that she was the owner of the striptease, she could do anything she wanted, without restrictions. My Michelle, how i would wanted got to her in those instants, and embrace her.  I was miss her bigness.

Our agency was just before the striptease club, so we went down from the car, saluting everybody, and Billy have remember us our appointement with the Mayor, and he have said that him or Bob have would came to brought us to the City Hall. 
“I reccomend you,find something nice to wear”.  We have smiled him and we have came closer to the car window saying Pepe and the homeless something a bit about the striptease. “They are trusted friends, our family. They will treat you really good.”

In someways, we were sorry to leave our friends, but Pepe have assured us that they have would been in good company, They have would could ask something more about us, and maybe they have would could know us a bit much better, even if homeless had some doubts. 
We had show them our best side. 
They have smiled us, and we have back.”



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⇐Pepe have gave -58-

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