I’m still

Throwing away all the air from the lungs, when think to that double number that i have seen before to leave my solitary room, and my heart have started to beat unregularly.
And now delicately i feel your closeness here around in this bedroom. 

In some strange way, i feel you are communicating with me.
You are saying soft words that only my soul can perceive, and Our Parallel World are collecting them in our own universe.
It’s unique what i’m feeling, and i know that you are feeling too.

Our connection is began, and we can feel our flows that are delicately merging each other.
Your arm are tightening me strong toward you, and in a sigh you say what i want hear, and now you are looking at it with much wonder. 
It have been the first journey throught Our Parallel World. If i think about it again i shake the head.

So is it possible all that, all that in Our Parallel World, and everything is real. 
We are connect for real, despite our real distance. We are living our connection in Our Parallel World.


Listen to it🔉⤵

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