Pepe have gave -58-

Me the phone and i have called Billy&Bob, and even them had read the newspaper, and from the voice of Billy  i had understand they were more excited than us. 
Trying to get calm him i have explained that we had need of their car, and someone had to came to take us. I had as soon finished say where we were that i have heard that he had  hanged the phone, he didn’t have gave me neither the time to say: “We waiting  for you”, that i remained speechless with the handset in hand.

You have stared at me laughing.
“They so efficient, even too much.” you have confirmed their good job that they had done.
In short, i had summarized  Pepe and homeless which roles they had have in all that big matter.
“They have followed in each steps i have done, till i have been kidnapped, and they have been kidnapped too. When i have see them, i never figured that they had followed me  from the very first i put down my foot here inside.”

“They have been my eyes on you. I wanted see, and above all understand why you had decided to leave the agency and me in that way…” i was looking at you, while my heart was beating stronger than a running train. Slowly our glances have met, and without waiting for the question of our interlocutors you have explained your thought, and only at end, Pepe have came closer to me and looking straight into my eyes, he said: “I knew he still loved you much” and he have have shared a glance with you then with the homeless.

Then homeless have confirmed what Pepe have said. Then that strange couple of friends have smiled us. 
We have looked at us once again,and you delicately have tightened strong my hand. I have blushed.
“Nothing and nobody can divide you. It see from a miles that your love is something very big. And shit you Daria, have defeat all the obstacles that this big matter have put you in front. To come all alone in this desertic zone, it’s already a lion’s proof” the homeless  have said. 
“And you Luke, how many time i have heard speak you alone, then that day in the library, you have made me show that picture, and i have understand everything.” Pepe added, giving a pat on your shoulder.
“Come on, it’s over” have said the homeless, and more curious Pepe have asked us: “What you will say to the Mayor?”
It was a reply to which we had not thought.
“Your career are about to change, you know it, isnt?” that affirmation have paralized us a bit. And only when the homeless had promounced that sentence, we have looked at each other astonished.
The D&L investigation agency would not been the same, and those were thoughts that not even had touched our minds. 

We were as soon reunited, that we had already a big thought to solve.
We had smiled nervously to our friends who had immediately comprehend our discomfort, and right after the homeless have said: “It’s true, forgive us, we have not thought before speak, but we are so happy for you…”
He have been interrupted by an only sound of clacson, and the Pepe’s dog have came out barking.
“It’s Billy” i have said tranquilizing our friends. In that short phone call, i have could say to say to play sofltly the clacson, so he did.

“Are we ready?” i have asked everybody, but above all that  question was toward you. You have looked at with wide eyes open, as if you was praying me to remain still a bit there.
From outside we have could heard Billy speaking with the dog, tranquilizing him he was a friend.
Then when he have came closer to the entrance, he have called, and immediately Pepe have came out and he have presented himself to that energumen black dressed, and they have started to talk about the article that, by now, the whole city had or was reading in that moment.

Pepe knew how to manage with that kind of creature. 
He knew perfectly that, even if we had an important appointment, we had to take us our time, and the homeless was the only audience of that moment. 
Each time we have met his glance, he had shyly smiling us and we give back it him.

For a last time we have looked at each other, and then the homeless have asked: “Guys, are you ready?”, immediately after we have throw away all the air from the lungs, and he have screamed Pepe that we would have come out, and with a cane the homeless have accompanied us out of the lobby of the motel.

On the face of Billy, always serious, it was printing itself one of  his biggest smile, and he placed himself between us, giving us a lot of pats. Then you have said him to help the homeless to get in the car, while Pepe with his dog on his knees was already sat in that modest car. 
You have took me on your knees, and only when we have left the motel, you have delicately tightened my belly.”


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