After all that -57-

Big matter, and after all we have slept in our office in that couch, became once again the most comfy sofa in which i had rest myself, finally we were sleeping in  a real  bed, and above all we were sleeping embraced.

I have been the first to open eyes, and at first glimpse i have forgot where we were, but when i was looking at me around, and i have recognized the green walls, i have smiled and everything it got back in mind.
Slowly your words said next to the borderline have filled my heart, and only when my glance have placed itself on your face, everything that bad matter have became only bad remember. Now we had turned  page, and the next chapter was to got back in city with Pepe, his dog and the homeless.

For a long instant i remained looking at me around still embrancing among your arms. I heard your heart  beating slowly, and i let myself envelope by your breathe, remembering what we had done few hours before, and closing the eye for a while, i have remember that sensation that you made me feel. I have closed the eyes and delicately i have throw away all the air from the lungs. 

When i have reopened them, you was staring at me shyly smiling.
“What was you thinking?” you asked, caressing me.
I have looked at you for a long minute, then: “It seem me impossible…” have been the only words that have came out from my mouth.
You knew what they wanted mean. You have nodded, dragging me toward you, still lay on bed. 
Now we were face to face, and you was moving a lock of hair from my face. I have left you do, then i have inclined my face and i have kissed your palm. 

We were still inside that magical bubble that we had created, and certainly break it, would been hard. 
Dive ourselves once again in that reality that was slowly changing, it was not easy. But we knew, that we had to make us the one of the first step to  give a new life to everyone around us. 
Only after another glance, we have decided to get up ourselves, and go see if Pepe and the homeless were ready to get back in city. 

With all calm, we have refreshen, and looking at that room for the last time, we went downstairs, and we have met Pepe and the homeless to the counter of the lobby of the motel, and they were reading very interested an article of the newspaper as soon delivered.
And as soon they have seen us, have shared the biggest smile they have could do. The Pepe’s smile was taking all his brownish face, and for his joy it was for the very first time his eyes out of eyes socket, have become small. 
The homeless have placed the newspaper on his legs and have exclaimed: “Guys, are in the first page!”

We have looked at each other astonished, and only when homeless have enlongated us the newpaper, we have seen the big title that was announcing: “City saved by the private investigation agency D&L. The Chubby creature wanted raze the city. The Mayor have asked to meet Luke and Daria to give them an aknowledgement.”
It was enough read that big title that we have no longer feel the ground under the feet, and immediately the homeless have made sign Pepe to give us a chair.  You have sat and have took me on your legs. 
We didn’t know what say. 
We could only figured that was been Jim to report all that in a conference.

Pepe have left us take again breathe, and only when he have seen us reprise to smile, he have said: “Yes,it have been Jim… he have called here a couple hours ago, and he have said me to report it to you, and as soon knew it, the Mayor have would wanted know you personally…. we are very proud of you guys.”
We have looking at us each other once again, and sincerely we were still confused, but Jim had to do his job till the end, and that conference was in his routine schedules, and certainly we could say no to the Mayor. 

Our simple plans get back in city, as if nothing have happened and reprise our normal lives, was not possible.
We have could figure how were excited our friends at the striptease club.
And only when we have looked at Pepe and the homeless, we have tried to change speech, but now, we knew that, even them, wanted come in city to see our crowning as city’s paladins, but then Pepe have added  that had reflected at my, became our, proposal to get back in city, but with his strange accent, he have said us that he would have prefered remain in that desertic zone, and looking at the homeless we had understand that even him, by now, he didn’t have no longer belong to that city, and in that period in which Pepe went under the bridge to feed him, they have become best friends and now that he was in that motel, he have could not think to move in other apartment. They had found their perfect enviroment in the Prairie Dog Motel. 

We have looked at them, and only hearing their words we had conviced ourselves. They had lived to much far from that city, and maybe they have would not recognized it as theirs. 
But when Pepe have came closer to us saying that they have would not lose our Mayor’ aknowledgement he made us smile. 
So i have made a phone call.”


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