Overwhelmed -56-

By what Pepe had said us, we have looked at each other, but we knew he had right. 
At the office, yes, we had slept, but we had closed the eyes only because we were phisically exhausted, and they were our bodies to being collapsed, but in reality we had not slept as we would wanted.
And there we had a room that in someway, we have considered a tres-d’union between our deep self of the past and that one of the present, and that one of the future.

Without debating Pepe, we have followed him. He was so happy conducting us at the first floor, and only when we have went upstair, we have stared to that door at end of that long aisle, and as if we were retracing our single first moment when we have crossed that aisle. 
You with that heavy weight in the stomach and those thoughts about me, that were hammering your head, and me with the hope to find something that i could use to find you.

Pepe was walking slowly in front of us. At certain point he turned, as an open book he have could see all that was  in our mind, and only when he have stopped  in front of that closed door, he have interrupted our thoughts, wishing us to sleep well. 
“Rest well, we will see you tomorrow” he said, and delicately he have closed the door, knowing very well, that we were entering in another level of our conscious where the emotions that we had felt in that room, they would have meeting for the first time, and they have would merging  each other.

We have no saluted him. Entered in that room, we have realized that something bigger than us had enveloped us. 
Finally we were really alone, and everything we were feeling in those instants were those emotions that we had held back till now. 
Even in the agency we have been not capable to express what we were feeling.
We were still nervous, but only to that invisible bordeline, you have began open your feeling to me. 
And now that we were in that room, and the whole world was outside, we would could say us everything.
But  more we stared at us, more we comprehending, that it was something else of what we had need.

As how Pepe had settled the room, the bed seemed inviting us to lay on it.
You have take my hand accompanied me to the bed and gently you have made sat, and then you placed yourself on your knees, and sweetly you have started to caressing my legs, till arrive to the hips, then you have embraced me, placing your face on my chest. 

My heart was beating like a crazy. I had forgot how much delicate were your touches, and only when our eyes have met, your hands have accompanied me to lay completely on bed, and only when, even you have placed yourself on bed next to me, our bodies have approach each other, and when you have wanted delicate touch my belly, i have sighed saying your name.
When i was about to close eyes, your lips  have came closer, and they have caressing mine, and our breath have became only one.
That kiss seemed wanted make me remove all that bad adventure, as much it was so passionate, and your hands on my body wanted make you remind you how much i was delicate, but when delicately i have opened  my legs, my desire  to feel you inside me has became stronger than anything else. 

We have  looked at each other for a while, then we have sighed our names, almost unison, and delicately with all your delicateness you have take off my panties, and before to penetrate me, you have wanted, delicately touch my most intimate part.  You have done it till my contractions have swallowed your finger inside me.
Unconsciously our breath have increase. I was feeling your finger moving always faster, and you could perceive that i got wet always more, and that little enviroment was getting prepare to welcomed you.
But without say nothing, my glance have asked you to continue, till you have feel something that it was tightnening and at the same moment it have getting wet more your finger, and in those endless moments that it have lasted just few seconds i have moan of pleasure.
In those seconds i have set free myself  by all the tensions that i had accumulated in that period. but immediately after, my hand have wanted look for something among your legs that little by litte has become perfect to being welcomed inside that warm place among my legs.

I have looked at you, and with him in my hand, i have helped him enter, and with slow moves that quickly have become faster, it have make us enjoy together.
After several rough and fast thrusts we both have reached the climax.
A warm sensation have wrapped us. We have smiled each other, and once again you have laid your face on my chest, and together, after said: “I love you” we asleep.”


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