Our slow

Dance have begin, and i feel you around me. Your arms around my belly, and our connection have started slowly till have become stronger.
I have start think to you, because i know you have begin to do the same.

My fingers are shaking on this keyboard, while i can perceive yur arms tightening me strong.
And my head is abot to explode. I’m biting my lips because maybe in these days part of my country have  invaded your and maybe when you see that competition, some of your thoughts goes to me. I like think it’s so.

I have some premonitions, but i don’t want say them. You already know them.
I want only say you that in these days i feel your closeness stronger than ever, and maybe you want let me know something important. 
I’m here is waiting for you. 
In meanwhile i whispering you that i feel you always closer.


Listen to it🔉⤵

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