Even if – 55-

In that building we had lived some of the most bad moments of our lives, in someways, leaving it, we have felt a bit disoriented.

We have reprise our walk toward that invisible borderline in silence, and after a couple minutes i have touched your hand and you have take it, looking at ahead. 
I didn’t know what were your emotions getting back in that desertic zone of city, but i have understand it immediately  after when for a long second my glance have set on on your face.

There were a lot of emotions in that battlefield that was your mind, but above all three that were fightening each other: sadness, regret and much love.
We had as soon across that boderline, and all of a sudden, it have appears a desertic land. We have looked at each other. I knew you very well, and i could perceive your thoughts running fast.
I  have no waited for long, when we have glimpsed the Praire Dog Motel, you have stopped me, and you placed  in front. Taking my hands in your, you have slowly lifted the glance, and our glances have met.

I have looked at you straight into your eyes, almost with the heart in throat.
I have throw away all the air from the lungs, and only after, you have talked.

“When i have decided to go deeper to the matter, and my investigations have brought me here, i have spent all my evenings in my room to talk  to you. You was always in my mind, and maybe Pepe, one night have also heard me talk alone. For the very first two days i didn’t have do nothing good. I have reasoning on my words that i had said you, and i could not think to anything else. I was really bad, but when Pepe saw me the third day, have wanted know why i was so down and i have talked a bit about you, giving him our business card, and it’s been him to push me to go ahead.
“For how you describe me her, she have to be a special girl, he said me, and who i have in front it’s the only girl  i want stay with. Each day i went to the homeless and after have collected all informations of which i had need, i have spent the remaing time to talk about you. My regret was so great that i had  to redeem myself with someone, i didn’t know if i would seen you again. I wanted let know to the whole world that i had done that choose because  i loved you very much. But then…”

I have remained in silence breathless, with the heart that was splashed out from the chest. When you was about to continue, i have looked at you deeper, and sweetly i put one finger on your mouth.
“Shh, don’t say anything else.” You have tightened me more to you and i have placed my hand on your chest, while my eyes getting wet. 
We remained like this, for a couple of minutes, while that desertic atmosphere was envoloping us all around.

You had to need shaked yourself  from those thoughts that had hoteled in your mind from long time, and you made it in the sweetest way. Opening yourself in the desertic zone, where it have began everything your thoughts about me. In someway, you have wanted to close that circle.
And looking at me, you have thrown a glance toward that motel with the red sign.

Restarted the walk, only after few steps we have heard Pepe’s dog barking, and very quick he have leaving his owner alone with his host on the veranda of the motel. The small creature hadn’t recognized those shadows that slowly  have coming closer. 
But when his dog have began come and go toward us and him, he got curious, and he got up to see better.

When at end he have recognized us, on his funny face have printed a big smile, and he have said to the homeless that we were arriving.
We  have been welcomed by his dog that was jumping happy see our faces, and we have let him do.
He have accompanied us directly to the veranda, and as if Pepe and the homeless hadn’t see us, he have delicately barked. We have entered in, and we have neither saluted them. We have only said: “It’s over!”. 
You have went to Pepe embracing him, i have went to the homeless bending over him, asking how was he doing, checking the legs. 
“Pepe have done a good medication, now i feel much better.”
Immediately Pepe have taken other two comfy chairs for us, and he have offered us something to drink. 
We never had figured that he had remembered our favourites one. Coffee and tea.

They have not wanted know how it was ended. They knew how many sacrifices we had done, and for them it was enough. 
Pepe have invited us to remain one night in his motel, saying that he had already prepared our room at the bottom of the floor. We have looked at him, blushing, and the homeless have winkled.
Maybe they knew better than us how much need we had to sleep.”


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