I remained -54-

Breathless. In that kiss i have could feel all your passion in which you was asking to forgive you to have made me in danger, all your redemption. All this in a kiss.

When you have looked at me once again, with those blue eyes, everything we had faced up to was all sudden vanish, and in that kiss together we had turn page.

I have lost myself into that glance. The sweetest glance i have ever met in a man, and it seemed that everything was been a bad nightmare, but there were that scratches and bruise on your face that have remembered me it. 

Only in those instants we have went on. In silence we were removing all that bad adventure, and nervousely smiling we were looking at ahead.
Then you have taken my face between your hands, and softly you have reminded me that we had to go to bring back Pepe and the homeless in city.
It seemed that i didn’t wanted woke myself from that atmosphere, but that promise that i have done to myself you wanted mainted more than ever. 
I have shaked myself, and rightly we had to go.    

Refreshen, we have came out. Even if we had the possiblity to take the car of Billy&Bob, we have prefered walk, and as gentleman you have given me your arms as support, but then i have prefered your hand. We have looked at each other and slowly we have take the street.

We both knew that we have would meet that building in which have happened everything, but for this reason, we had prefered walk. We had to see it for a last time  for remove it definitely from our mind. 

When i recognized it from far, i have stopped for a while. I have looked at it with wide eyes open, and tightening more the hand i was holding, i have throw away all the air from the lungs.
“It’s ok!” you have said me. My heart have started to beat strong, but you was repeating those words, and everything were vanish. 

Closer, we had noticed a police lorry and several creatures, who i had recognized like some of the raid squad who come and go to the truck, and only when i recognized the voice of Jim who was giving quick orders, a shy smile have printed on my face.

We have stopped in front of that building, while some of policemen have saluted us, and in silence they have indicated the busy Jim.
We entered with no breathe, i have sighed your name, looking at me around still suspicious. 
Now the scattered boxes, were pile up in order by size and color.
Jim hadn’t noticed us. He was by shoulders respect than us.  He was in front to a big pile of boxes and he was checking that what their men  had listed was everything right.

Only when he have gave a pat, he have congratulated with a small and snappy creature, and when that creature have indicated that there were someone behind him, he have turned, and when he have seen us, on his greenish serious face, have printed a big smile, and asking what we were doing there, he have ordered to that small creature to continue his job with some simple gestures.

He have explained us that he was deaf, but one of the most smart being that he had ever met. So you have saluted him with sign language. The creature have looked at you with wide eyes open, he have smiled you then he have ran away. 
“He’s shy, and nobody else than me and few others, have ever spoke with him”. 
He was hid behind a pile of red boxes, and he was looking at us. After found him i have sweetly smiled him, and he have saluted me with his tiny paws.

Then we have followed Jim at that desk of that hangar, and looking at us around, you have said: “We can figure that your works is as soon began” indicating all around. 
“Yes, but without you, this it would be never happened. And you guys, why are you here?”
We have explained him about Pepe and the homeless and the promise i have wanted mainted at end of that matter.
“The Pepe’s motel is just beyond that invisible borderline, in that nobody’s land. We hadn’t figured that just the next day you would be got back.” Jim have smiled.
“It’s better strike while the iron is hot” he have replied.

He had to finish, and we had to reached the Pepe’s motel, so we have saluted us warmly. 
I have looked for that small creature, but he was vanish between those boxes.
“I will salute him for you!” Jim said accompanied us to the exit.
And embracing him, we have taken the street to the Pepe’s motel.”



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