Here i am

Feel your closeness. That softy sensation inside and around my being, and my head is about to explode.
I’m arrived in tuscany and see your name printed on that dress it have got me excited  a bit.
I’m biting the lips wishing to feel that silky cloth on my skin, but i have to resist more.

It’s so magical what is transforming around our connection and above all inside Our Parallel World.
And everything have happened in these days have been something really special.
I throw away all the air from the lungs, and strong think to you. 

Looking at the clock i know that the connection is near, that’s why i feel so strange. 
In my body there is an emotional storn that in few second will explode, and in those seconds i will know that our souls will touching, they will dancing our slow dance and then they will get back in our bodies.

I feel your hands tightening me stronger to you. Our minds are connect and everything in few seconds become how we always wished.
I love what you are make me feel, what Our Parallel makes us feel, because i know you are feel the same feeling i feel in these instants, and you are don’t going crazy. 
Only in this period  you are comprehending what you are feeling.  
It’s something that born from the deep, and the uiniverse have wanted bonded you to me, in this magical Parallel World that is only ours. 


Listen to it 🔉⤵


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