When i have -53-

Opened the eyes the next morning the first thought have been:”I have to go to set free Luke”, and i was about to got up, even in hurry, but when i have felt that you was still embracing me, i have realized that what i have done yesterday evening, it wasn’t a dream, but the simple the reality. 
Your arms were tightening my little body so delicately, as if you didn’t wanted made me escape.

I remained for long staring at you, as i was doing before that this story have began. We fallen asleep on that couch tired like after a long day of work, i have stared waiting for that you woke. 

In those minutes i have relived those moments in which after that first raid our eyes met each other, and unconsciosly, i have soft touched that scratch you had on your face, tempting to don’t hurt you, but even if i was been delicate, on your face, it have printed itself a grimace of pain.
I have bited my lips, and immediately after i have caressed the other cheek to remove immediately that grimace from your sweet face. 
It seemed have worked, still sleeping you have almost smiled, and you have whispered my name, elongating your hand toward me. Delicately your eyes have met mine. We have sweetly smiled, and after  a long pause, we both have throw away the air from the lungs. 
“I haven’t sleep so good in this couch from long time” i have whispered you, while you was still looking at straight into my eyes, incredulous of who had in front
You hadn’t say a word, and i have respected your silence. I was comprehending, that it was the first morning of real tranquility you had  from when you have been kidnapped. I was about to got up, but you have hold me back for a second asking where i would have go. 
“I will be back soon. I don’t run away.” Delicately you have left me go in that sort of kitchenette, and i have prepared two cup: coffee for me and tea for you.

When i got back, you haven’t stick off your glance from me, and only when i gave you the cup, you have started talk softly.
“Only when i have realized that i had in hand something very big, i have passed the wortest week of my life. The more i went on, the more i was comprehending that my love for you was stronger than anything else, and i will remember that day as the darkest of my life. I have seen the void in your eyes… your soul emptying…I’m sorry” 
I was listening to you, with heart that was about to splash out from my chest, and only when i have realized that the mug in hand was trembling, i have placed it on the little table where i was sat. I have take your hands, while you was looking at the mug.
I wanted stopped you, but i knew that it was a thing that you had to say. You was setting free your heart, but above all your soul from a heavy weight that you had brought till now. 

“I left that note for you in your favorite book by hand, hoping you’d only find it when it was all over, but it wasn’t until I got back to the office, i realized i was getting into bigger trouble than i could not handle, and i added those instructions, hoping you’d never find them.”
I have looked at you with wide eyes open, and only when you have lifted the glance, you have seen that question on my face, that i have been not capable to formulate but immediately after i have said: “I would not have made you die without a reason… despite those hard words you had said me that day, you have made me always hope…and for this i was never gave up”, and you knew of what i was talking about and Pepe had done the right thing when have called me when he didn’t have seen you get back at the motel.

For a long pause we have looked at each other in silence. It seemed that we still had to make pass, everything we had faced up to in those latest hours.
Taking your mug and placing it next mine, in the sweetest way i have taken your hands, looking at you straight into the eyes, and i have throw away all the air from the lungs. I was still removing all those bad images from my mind, replacing them with your.
“Slowly, everything will get back to the normality i promise it you.” i have said breathing deeply.
You have looking at me, saying me to come closer, you have kissed me in an endless kiss.”


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