That sensation

That have felt tonight has come back.
Everything have become delicate and softy. 
Your arms around my belly are tightening me delicately to you.
Our connection is around and i feel myself wrapped by those emotions that even you are feeling.

It seem a crazyness what i’m about to write you, but more i think about, more i think it’s real.
That transfer have happened for real, and now our connection is becoming stronger than ever. 
She was sliding through my body. She wasn’t fallen on the ground, even because i have would find it. 
Nope, through my mind, my my body she have arrived to you. She have smaterilized itself. She have vanished, only to arrive to you. Yes i’m still think about it. I can’t do nothing. It’s something stronger than me. And when i think of it, my heart beat strong, and i feel your closeness make stronger.

It will be something that we have to understand, in meanwhile it’s something that is uniting us always more, in this softy sensation that is envelope our body, but above all or souls.
It’s something that it’s making us feel confuse, but above all ALIVE, and  that something is our connection at Our Parallel World that is becoming always more magical.


Listen to it🔉⤵

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