I’m throwing away

All the air from the lungs, and i feel your arms around my belly, and your words are touching my soul. 
They are small but so delicate.
When i started write another double number have came, and i immediately thought to Our Parallel World that  wants say us something important.

Perth is in front of me, and even him, with his meaning, it’s still wrapped by mistery, but it say us  also, it’s a discover, what we are slowly find about our connection.

I no longer found my smoky quartz. Someone have given it to you? I want believe it that is so.
Sowelo is giving me faith that that one smoky quartz, now is in your hands. 
Maybe now you are looking at it, questioning yourself many questions, but there is one and only answer.
Our Parallel World.


Listen to it🔉⤵


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