I’m still

Throwing away all the air from the lungs. I could not believe it, maybe it was you or someone else, but dream don’t cost nothing. When i saw that magical little flag, my heart has started beating so strong, and everything i think about our connection have materialized all of sudden.

I can feel your mind thinking a bit to me in these hours. 
It was from long that “someone” from that far land haven’ìt came to visit me.
I don’t want illude myself, but with you by now, i don’t believe to the coincidences, and this would be the umpteenth proof. 

Slowly i can feel your soft embrace around my belly. I close the eyes, and your whispers are wrapping my being.
My head is exploding by what i’m feeling right now. It’s so magical everytime is happen. 

Our Parallel World exists for real, and what we feel, we feel it for each other.
We are so far, but when everything is so connect with Our World we are close. 
Our souls are touch themselves, dancing our slow dance.
…Those emotions you are feeling inside you, let them go… they are mine.


Listen to it🔉⤵


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