Now -46-

That i had set you free and understand  alot from that embrace and from that kiss, i have could destroy everything only with the strenght of my mind, but we had not certain powers, but in those seconds it was as if i had them.
But now i had to went down from that level in which i was feeling invicible. 

There were still bullets that were flying toward us part, and Jim with Billy&Bob had almost ended the munitions and they were looking for to save munitions.
Even if our opponents were just two, it seemed that the shots gun of  Jim’s guns, didn’t got hurts them.
And maybe that break, in that apartment, have been a good thing.
We had still the the magazine full of bullets, and we could shot them in different part of their big bodies, but it have enough a glance and a couple of bullets to hit them, making falling on the ground.

In few instants we got back in time when you had tought me to shoot, revealing me the weak point of each creature  that i would have meet during my investigator life, if i had have need kill someone. 
And that moment was arrived. 
You have screamed to Jim and Billy&Bob to hid themselves inside one of those apartments. 

As we had noticed the big beasts were bleeding a lot, but for them those wounds were like small scratches.
Till now, they had fought against beings like them, but when they have found in front two different beings who, despite their small size, were approaching with no fear to them, at a certain point they have looked at themselves a bit disoriented. We stopped a bit distant.  

We have throw away all the air from the lungs, and when your left hand have touched mine, for a moment i have jolted, but when i have looked at you, i have realizing that all that wasn’t a dream, and i  finally i was with you, and together we were about to kill those great beasts. 
Holding tight my hand, you have whispered: “Do you remember where you have to aim?” 
Before answer, i had looked the head of that creature who was approaching, then all of a sudden, my eyes have brighted more and only after a thousandth of a second, i have nodded  looking shooting to the center of that tiny protuberance that my opponent had in his big head. 
And immediately after my shooting, it have been your turn. Speedy.

It seemed we had shoot hem at unison, but it have been their a differen reaction. 
Mine opponent have resisted a bit more, instead you have perfectly shooted that protuberance, and the creature have fallen on the ground and there were no need to checked them if they were still breathing.  
Shooting that tiny part of their head, we had shooted their heart.
Their anatomy was a bit different than our, and while the shoot of our friends were directed mainly directed to their chest, we knew that if we had shooted that tiny point, they would have die immediately.

After have no heard no more shooting, Jim Billy&Bob, have came out, and astonished have came closer to us, looking at us as if they wanted asked us how we had do that, but they have looked at us only, and Jim who knew their weak point, he have touched his, and came closer to me, he said: “He have tought you very well. I had difficulty to find their, but you have been  immediate, i repeat the police have would need beings like you.” 
Luke have looked at me dazed, but after a glance, i gently smiled him.

But after that moment of  general reprise, Jim have announced that it wasn’t over, on the contrary, and that now, maybe it would came the harder part, but that now each thing that Luke had listened together to Billy&Bob, it would be really important to discover where the chubby creature was, and what they were waiting for, indicating the bodies of those dead creatures at his feets, and he have made us comprehend that it was time to check better the hangar, above all those two monitors.

I would wanted warned Michelle and the others that we were ok, but i knew that it wasn’t the right moment, now we everybody had to follow the Jim’s orders. 
We went downstair. We had decided to being the last one. 
You have taken my hand, and delicately you have smiled me.
I have tightened more the hand that i was holding.”


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