Till that -45-

Moment were went too well, and even Jim was astonished. 
Seemed that those great creatures hadn’t still checked the three monitors of that small desk in that hangar, and we could move ourselves with totally freedom. 

In those seconds in which Jim was looking for open that locked door, our hands were touching through that frosted window, and even if we had many words in mind to say us, we have remained in silence, as me and Jim had done during that entire  operation. 
Even Billy&Bob got up and came closer to door, they were giving some advices to Jim to open that door faster, and only after a couple of minutes that click that we everybody have wating for, it arrived and finally you and my men, came out. 
Only when our eyes met each other there have been a minute in which without say nothing we have said us everything, but immediately after we have heard an alarm that have resounded in all that building.

Now there was no time to waste, we had to run and very fast. 
In that run, Jim have pulled out from the bag he had the weapons that he had decided to give  to you and Billy&Bob. 
Running throught that aisle, he have asked if you knew that kind of weapon. 
The same question was so useless for B&B, they were already recharged them. 
You have looked at them and immediately have learnt. 
I was running next to you, and occasionally we have shared a sweet smile, even if we were risking our lives.

In the hangar the alarm had warned those big beasts, and when that sound have started, one of them had checked the monitors seeing the opened door, while the other one was already coming out and he was getting up the stairs from the second entrance, from where me and Jim entered.
The alarm was still on while we have met the first beast on the second floor. 

In that moment, the one who was screaming was our opponent, who was warning his patner that he had found us, and that we were still inside the building. You have put yourself in front of me, as a sheild, and holding me with a hand a hip, you have said me to stay behind you. Despite we were in a dangerous situation, for that second, feeling your hand on my body, it have been the most sensual sensation i have ever felt, and i belived to live in dream, when the first gun shots have been shooted, and it have began chase, while others shoots have been shotted from both side. 
In meanwhile the other beast arrived, with other two weapons, and the gun shots have increased.

During of real battle, all of sudden Jim have screamed us to divided each other, and each of us have entered in those empty apartments. 
They were only two, we four. We were in majority, we could have win, and maybe defeat two of the bigger creatures than us, looking for caging them in their own cage.

In his magical bag, Jim also had a bit of  tears gas, and just before to order us to enter in different apartments, our leader, had throw some of them in the aisle, so in a blink, a grey blanket have spreaded in that long aisle, and we have could hid ourselves in those apartments without that those big creatures had would seen us.

Jim with Billy and Bob have hid themselves each one in different apartments of that floor. 
Only when i have felt your hand hold mine tight, you have dragged me inside the latest apartment of the aisle. and when you have closed the door you have contravening to the Jim’s order, but it have been stronger than you.

For a long seconds we have looked at each other in silence, then we have embraced so strong, then you have whispered my name. I have smiled you caressing you.
You have stared at me, drying me a tear that was rolling from my face.
There were many words that we wanted say, but now what we had need was kiss  
While outside that door was unleashing a real hell, inside that apartment there were two souls that after a long period, were uniting themselves again, in a sweetest and delicatest kiss, and those hands that were tightening my body always more to your, have made me understand how have been hard for you take that decision.
“It’s over, it’s over, dont think about it no more. I have found you, and this what is count.”

Slowly we were surfacing from that incredible atmosphere, and slowly we have realizing that it was still fighting outside of that door.
After another sweet kiss, you have looked at me opening that door, and going ahead you have protected me, but after a second i have came by your side checking the situation.”


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⇐Sincerely -44-

Now -46-⇒

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