Sincerely -44-

My whole body looking for say me: “Till you can escape!” That savour in mouth have became always more disgusting, and my stomach was about to rebel itself, but when i have looked at Jim for a last time, inside his car, with that weapon in hands, i have nodded once again, and after his sign, we both have came out, and very quickly, we got back to the very first position of few hours ago: close to the exterior wall of that building. 
We have waited for a while, then Jim have taken an interior alley, and as he had figured, we have met an second entrance. Looking at himself around, and opening very slowly, he have made enter first then he have exceeded me and he went on. 

As Jim hoped, that small entrance give to a stair that got up only.
We have started go up with our weapons ready to shoot if we had meet someone, but from the floors there was an absolute silent, that have scared me a bit. Then that enviroment it didn’t have helped me to drive away my fears that little by little, piled up themselves. 
A narrow enviroment with a predominant turquoise color tending to greenish, and small frosted glass, it wasn’t the maximum, and that your grey image in the monitor have continued to hammer my head.

While i was following Jim, my great desire was to call you aloud, but seeing Jim, i knew that in each movies i had seen with you in which there was a scene like that i was living, there something real, and so i have remained in silence, but inside me i didn’t know how many times i have called your name. 
We have cross several long aisles and cheked each room with the door open. 
Even if i was behind Jim, Jim himself had as soon checked that or the other one room, and i have checked it too.
I wanted see in which kind of building we were ended.

It seemed an abandoned building, where those room were been abandoned in hurry. In certain rooms were still the television on but  with the screen out of sync, an in others there were remarkable signs of  vandalism. 
I have stared those room with wide eyes open and the more we went on, the more i hoped that next room was your, but seen my face turn pale, Jim have made understand that we had to make a couple of stairs to reach the room where they kept Luke.
I have looked at him a bit relief, but the more we have came closer to you, my heart seemed explode at any moment. 

Jim had noticed my discomfort, and before to continue, he have pulled me inside one of those empty apartment, and he have  dragged me in a part of it in which we have could shortly talk.
“I know that you had imagine a total different scene, but here we are in reality. But i know, even how much you are brave. I know that more we approaching to the target, everything become confuse. Don’t give up. Luke Billy and Bob are close, come on, we are almost. Keep strong!”
And saying this he have gave me a pat on shoulder, letting me out while i was drying a tiny tear that was rolling from my face.

When we were about to get up the last flight of stairs, we both have checked the weapons, and only when we have reached the floor, our breathe have became an air thread. Now i was close to Jim. 
I didn’t care what was in those others rooms that Jim was carefully checked. 
When  we arrived at the floor, he have indicated me which was the room in was you, and i haven’t stick off my glance from that door. In someway it have me remember when for the first time Pepe have show me your room in his motel, even if the situation and that enviroment was totally different and shabby.

That last room it had to be a sort of storage because its door was different from the others one. It was a heavy wooden door with the up estremity with the same frosted window, and who was inside could see the shadow of who was coming.

I have stopped myself in the middle of the aisle, while Jim was still checking the latest room. I have could distinguish  very well only a silhouette, and in that one, i had recognized you.
When Jim have came closer to me, i have looked at him once again astonished of how he have been capable to  rebuilded your precise position, only studying the building from outside. 
But now there was no time to explain it, now there was only the time to approaching to that door, and let Luke know that i was came to set him free.

Jim have sighed that was me who had to came closer to the door and say you that i was came with him. 
I have looked at him with wide eyes open, but slowly i have came closer to the door, and when i have heard you say Billy&Bob to be silent, i have throw away all the air from the lungs, and only when i touched the door with a hand, i have sighed your name.
After a couple of seconds that were lasting an eternity, i have heard your sweet voice calling me.
I had a emotions storm that was revolutionizing me, but i had to be calm. I didn’t know how many time i have throw away all the air from the lungs. 
I have see your hand placing itself on that frosted window and for a moment i also have placed mine on that glass.”


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