When we -43-

Got back in the Jim’s car, the first time we have done have been share us a glance. Mine was one full of terror, the other was of totally comprehension, and the only words that have came out have been: “Don’t worry. It will solve very fast”, and when those words have came out from the Jim’mouth, i have held back all the air, for then throw it away.

My terror glance wanted disappear from my face, and in those seconds i was thinking in what big trouble you got in, and every thoughts about that matter, were enter themselves in a funnel, and now in my mind there was a really big tangle. I was thinking to all those boxes in that hangar with your grey image on that monitor, and i was looking at Jim, hoping that he could unlocked that imaginary door in my head, and he could get out all those thoughts, making me hope that what he would have said, it would make me feel a bit better.

Now everything was in Jim’ hands, or better paws. I was looking at him with insistence, but ocassionally i have keeping an eye out of the car through the rearview mirror, having fear that those two big black dressed creatures armed, had noticed our presence. 
But at the umpteenth peek to the rearview mirror, he said: “They don’t will come. They are so focused on their job, that neither have noticed our presence. Be calm.” I have looked at him a bit relief, but not much, but i had to trust him.

Calmed, i have started to stared at him, who was taking note on what he had seen in those monitors, and above all he was taking note on which kind weapons there were in those boxes, marking some of them. 
Without make useless questions, i had understand that those marked weapons were some of  those inside the magical bag that Jim had brought with himself.
We have shared a quick glance, and then i have looked at that list that he had, and at end he said: “With those kind of weapons, they can do only a big noise, they have some grenades. They can  only scare. With what they have in those boxes, certainly they can’t raze the city. If you wasn’t came in police the other day, maybe today we would not been here. In that building there was a real arsenal. With those they have here, they can make a mess for a bit, but if we act soon, we can ruin their plan.”

He have said all that with extreme calm, and while he was saying that, i have could see his mind working on a plan. He have looked at many time that list that he had done in a small sheet of paper.
Before to unleash our own hell, we had to set free Luke and Billy&Bob. Another couple of hands and paws would have been useful, and when he have said me that, i have looked at him, throwing away all the air from the lungs, without speak i have asked him how we have would move ourselves.

He had put aside the weapons’ list and on another small sheet of paper he was drawing an approximate map of that building, and looking at from the rearview mirror he had studied how many floor it had, and with a certain certainty he have indicated me in which room Luke could stay. 
I have remained speechless of how he have been capable to confirm what he was saying, and while he was giving me that sheet of paper, he have looked at me very serious, and at end he said: “Now it arrive the part harder, and even dangerous. You have will put aside the emotional part, even if it will be hard. We should be quick and fast, and act like two ghosts. They haven’t seen us till now: we have to continue like this. Quick and fast. 
I will bring some weapons more. I want hope that Luke and these Billy and Bob  are capable to handle a weapon.” 
He have looked at me, and from my glance, he had understand that have been Luke to taught me how to handle a simple gun in case of necessity, even if till that moment i hadn’t need to use it, and about Billy&Bob, they had always two guns in their holster, even when they were at the office.

Even if our agency was only an investigation’ one, we had to have some precautions, and it have been one the first things that Luke had taught me, but when Jim have gave me one of the weapon of that list, i have trembling, looking at it with a bit of fear, but in those instants there were no time for it, and when he gave me instructions, i have looked at him with wide eyes open.
And only when he have asked me if i was ready, i have felt my heart beating stronger than usual, and that blood savour have back in mouth.
After an instant, i have looked at him and i have nodded.”


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⇐Arrived -42-

Sincerely -44-⇒

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