Arrived -42-

At that side of building, Jim have started to checked each corner of that side. From the extremity of the roof till the ground where we were walking, and he have made me understand to stay behind him, and follow him with extreme caution: to stay closer to him  the more possible, even if there was the possibility walking on his head.

Jim had much experience in this, but not with a simple being like me. He had experienced with others creatures his military istruction, and for sure, he wanted being sure that i didn’t get hurts me, above all under his solitary operation.

On the other hand, i was feeling totally lost, and i was looking at him in each moves he was doing. 
I have looking for imitate his way of walking.
After a total check of the outside the building, where we had noticed the absolute absences of a video surveliance, Jim made me understand that finally, we would have entered, but walking at the edge of the building, where the darkness would have help us to hid ourselves.

From what we had could see it was a sort of hangar, and from where we entered there many big boxes, and when Jim made me see them, i have looked at him with wide eyes open. 
Without speak, we were thinking the same thing. 
As a good policeman, Jim wanted checked what they contain, but before to do that, we had to assured that there were nobody, and even if it was a big open space, Jim had to being that even in the hidest place there were no, not even an ant.
The hangar was full of those boxes of different colors, and from how i started to know Jim, Jim himself had fear that those different colors have could distinguish the kind of weapons they had, and there was that eventuality.

Entered in Jim’s mind, my plan to go inside there, shoot wildly and set free Luke, was completely vanished in a blink. I was attached to him as his shoulders. I have even learn to breath unison with him.

A couple of boxes were in front of us, still in the darkness, and so we have could came closer to them, without any problems. But as soon approach, we have noticed that they were well locked, and with a quick glance, Jim have said to continue to go on, and leave that boxes. 
Jim wanted reach that table at bottom of the hangar, and see what was on those two big monitor turned on. 
The hangar was empty, but being cautious was always a good thing, and we have followed always the perimeter in the darkness.

Only when we were crossing the long side of that sot of hangar, we have realized that to the opposite, there was an open rolling shutter, from there we have saw some creatures standing. 
They seemed who were at guard of something. They had a small machine guns, and even if we have been silent, they seemed careful at each noise around.
That open big part of the building made the sun light enter, and to across that opposite side of the hangar have resulted more complicated than we have could imagine, but Jim wanted and had to reach that table at the bottom, because he knew that those monitors would have made us see who was around, besides those two big creatures outside to the opposite side, and he was sure that one of those monitors have would made see where they had brought Luke, and above all in which floor of that building.

We had crossed half hangar along the walls, looking for the darkness, and with thousand eyes, quickly we have reached that table, but certainly we could not checked those monitors in tranquillity. Each small noise have warned us to being more cautious than ever. Above that table there was the only lamp that illuminating that small space.

Reached to that table, Jim have invited me to bend on the knees and together we have would lifted ourselves from behind the desk, and together we have would check each one of the monitors, in this way we have would do faster.
For a second i have looked at him with wide eyes open, but immediately he have encouraged me. He knew that it was the scare of the first moment, but then it would have been easy.

For give me the way, Jim have looked at me, then at unison we have lifted ourselves, and we have take a look at those monitors, that were indicating three things quite distinct from each other.
How many and which kind weapons those boxes contained, what they were waiting for, and above all, that third monitor was the omnipresent eye on Luke and finally i have could see even Billy&Bob. 
Silent, Jim have asked me who were they. With few gesture i have made him understand that they were my collaborators.

Assured that you were ok, Jim have made comprehend that now we had to go immediately go out, get back in the car, and there plan the raid.
But this time, we had to being faster than before. The sunlight had almost all entered in that hangar. 
We had to run faster and in the most silent way possible.

Behind the desk, Jim have looked at himself around and only moving the lips, he have made the countdown and at one he have taken my hand starting to run along the wall still covered by a thin thread of darkness.
During that run, i had forget breathing, and only when we have reached the car, my lungs have took all the air that they have could, and very slowly i looked at Jim who give me back the glance.”



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