I have looked -41-

At them for a long moment in silence, hoping that Jim got back real soon, because those their inquisitors glances, were a terribile thing to swallow, above all that one of Michelle that was asking why i was going to do, knowing that i would could risk my life, without an adeguate “bodyguard” as she have called it.

“Guys, i know it very dangerous go there only with only Jim, but studying the whole matter, it’s better so. Jim knows what do. I trust him.” 
There were the only words that i have been capable to say them, while they have looking at me astonished. 
The only comment that have flew during that moment of wait, it have been: “You are crazy!” and that sentence that have collected the thoughts of my friends, have been told by Michelle who was looking at me always more with wide eyes open. At end she have shaked her big head.

But how i have could describe them what i felt, the previous night, when i saw you in those few instants?  Maybe i could not, and they maybe have would not understand. Maybe Michelle who had read your hand note, but in those instants they were looking at small David  who was about to fight against his Goliath
When Jim opened the door all the glances were set on him, and the only one who have spoke have been Michelle, that with her big size, she have placed in front of him and she have reccomended herself to him, and for the very first time, i have heardt her threating someone. 
“If something happens to her, I know who to look for…” and she have left the group, looking at me very worried.
Jim seemed  not even shaked, and he have looked at the others, then evenutally he throw a glance toward me, and i have understand that it was  time to go. I looked at Cyclope, but above all Yvonne, and i said her tranquilize Michelle, who was the only one maybe have realized the big danger i was about to face up to.

In a sigh, Jim have said: “We have to go!”
And for the last time i have looked at my friends, throwing away all the air from the lungs.
As a real gentleman, Jim have made me out for first, then he have taken a look at my friends who have accompanied us to the exit of the striptease, looking at me enter in that anonymous black car.
I have looked at my friends throught the window car, while Jim was explaining me what we would have do, but what i was listening to was only a buzz in background, but when he have turned on the engine of the car, he have asked if i had comprehended what he had as soon said.

Starting moving very slowly, he have looked at me, and he have called me a couple of time. 
He was comprehending that, only in those short instants, i was realizing what i was about to do. 
For a bit he left me alone with my reflections and thoughts, but then he have called me once again, and this time i have turned round toward him and with delicateness, he said me:
“When we arrive there, we have to check the real situation. How is buildt the gerarchy, see how is great their armory inside that building, look for to understand where they keeping Luke, and then, only then we can plan a raid…”

He left me reasoning on what he have said. I have looked at him in silence, thinking to another plan, but the more i was absorbing those simple words, the more i have thinking he had right, and i could not contradict him. He was  the expert one, and i could not go there, shoot wildly and get out with Luke without consequences: it wasn’t possible. 
I have stared him while he was driving, looking at straight the street. 
He remained in silence, but he knew i was making me alot of questions.

When we arrived to the proximity of that building he have parked his car enough far to being not noticed. 
Came out, he have recharged his gun, and with great surprise, he have gave me it one that he have pulled out from a bag full of weapons. 
I remained breathless, and when our glances have met each other, he have said: “We have will need of them later. Ready to stay here for long?”
I have looked at him speechless, and all of sudden, you got back in mind with that glance straight into mine, and your voice that was calling my name have resounded inside me, and throwing away the air from the lungs, he have explained me how it did worked. I have recharged it, and looking at Jim once again, i have nodded, and together we have reached one side of that building.”


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