Looking at -40-

Me for a last time in the mirror, i have throw away all the air from the lungs.
I knew what I was about to do, and Jim’s words rang in my ears as if they wanted to tell me: “You still have time to reconsider…”, but the more those words were hammering my head, the more i wanted go on.
Closing the cupboard, i have looked at me around, and those sheet of papers scattered on the floor saying me that i was almost at end, and within few i would set you free.

Throwing away again the air from the lungs, i went to the door and when i was about to open it, i have looked at me around, and i have thought: “I will put order later” and i have closed the door, making fly all those sheet of papers again.
As if i had came out for an elegant appointment, i have stopped myself and i have settled better those clothes.
This time i haven’t worn my raincoat. Where i had to go it was just bulky, but in someways i missing it.

Walking along that sidewalk, i was feeling all the eyes set on me, and i was looking for hiding myself lifting up the collar of that shirt. Coming out from the office i have taken a hat, knowing that i would not have take the raincoat, and in someway, i wanted hid my face, and fortunately those creatures in street, had other to think than look at that strange tiny and skinny being, which i was. But i had caught the attention of some of them. I have could feel their strange eyes on my person, but pretend nothing i went straight toward the striptease club.

For a moment, in the middle that sidewalk, i have stopped, and my heart have began beat strong. All of sudden my thoughts were go toward you, and a small tear have rolled out from my eyes. I have found myself talk aloud and those sentences were all for you.
While i was drying those tears, i had caught the attention of a baby creature who was walking next his mother, and he or she have indicated me, and the mother have looked at me and have excused herself for the behaviour of his son or her daughter. “Dont’t have to, it’s normal the kids are curious and it’s right that they are! I was thinking to someone i really missing” i have explain caressing the baby creature, and going away the mother have said: “I hope you can meet again that person.” I have thanked her. 

Reaching the striptease that gentle gesture have hammered my head. Even for this, a sweet thought of an unknown creature, that city had to be saved. 
Even if  i had almost understand the reason of that chubby creature who wanted raze the city, there was no reason to sterminate creatures who had nothing to do with his plans to level the city to build a huge casino that it would be extended by the whole city. 

Only when i arrived in front to the striptease and i have lifted up the glance toward the signboard, my eyes wided open more. Till that moment i had understand  half plan of that disgusting creature. 
He wanted build that sort of casino, yes but he wanted build it around that striptease, that’s why he was so interested to make his dirty deals inside that. He wanted show to the other investitors how they have would spent his money if they had given directly to him. That’s why that evening all the crew of the striptease were at attention of one and only creature.

I entered as if i had seen a ghost, and those thoughts were running fast in my mind. Too fast than don’t made me reasoning on what i have been capable avoid that before evening with the raid squad.
I have sat at the same small table as soon next to the entrance.
Fortunately at that moment there were nobody in that anteroom, not even Cyclope.
I have could take breathe, and put in row all those thoughts that all of sudden have assaulted my mind, and only when Cyclope entered  i got back to the reality, and seeing him i threw away all the air from the lungs.

Before Jim got back, now i had to talk with everybody, so i asked Cyclope to call Michelle and Yvonne, and even the bodygurard of the dancers, and when they have come, i have had to everybody explain what was happening and say them that the next hours would be the most dangerous, and that they had to keep an eye at each little small strange movement, and if it was the case, Cyclope had to call his cousin. But i haven’t added anything else. They would have understand it alone.”


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