While i was -39-

Explaining Jim my thoughts and opinions, i was studying him in each his shade, and the more i was looking at him, the more i have conviced myself that i had chosen the right creature of the police department.
The city map was on the centre of that small table, and for whoever entered in that striptease, not necessarely to see the show, we seemed us a couple of strangers who wanted see the city and his principal monuments, even of monuments there were no many, but however we don’t got suspicious nobody, and what i was saying him didn’t seemed him a dangerous thing, and everytime i stopped, he have lifted his greenish face and he nodded.

For who didn’t have ever went to the police, the Jim’s face was one of the many that you could meet walking in street, and those creatures inside that striptease club, not even knew how it was made a police department, and for us, it have been a good that Jim had accepted my invite come there.
I have looked at him profoundly, and the more i looking at that greenish creature, the more i could perceive what was running in his mind.
While he explaining me a variation of my plan adjusting it with his ideas, i have studied him very well.

He was the kind of creature who once explained a plan, he was that one who looking for to simplify it at minimum, looking for get out the maximum.
I was looking at him with a sort of ammiration, and with a couple of glances he had understand that i would have do everything to get out you from that chaos in which you got in.

By now, i was got used have to do with creatures each day, that not even i have stopped myself to look at with which kind of creature Jim belonged to. 
I was looking at him as a peer of mine, maybe higher, definitely higher.
It could see itself in everything he was doing, putting all himself.

I had put down a rough plan, but with his adjusments it was become a great plan. 
He was agree with all my reasoning about the building closer to the city.
While he was explaining me how he have would act, he have lifted up both the sleeves of that white shirt that he had on, with the pants suspenders as much he was skinny.

The more the plan took shape, it seemed like he was immediately ready to move into that building that i had marked with another red cross on that city map, but we were missing some small tools that Jim certainly didn’t know how to carry.
He looked at me leaning towards me, and even though no one was there, apart from Cyclops who was serving a customer, he spoke to me in a low voice.
“Let’s meet here in two hours, I’ll be back with my car…” letting that sentence float in the air, making me understand that he would take what he needed, and getting up he have looked at for a moment the map and pointed the red cross he have tapped it twice, he have said: “You have done a good job! If one day you would wanted change work, the police have would need someone like you!” 
I have smiled him. He knew that i would continue my job at D&L Investigation. He have greet also Cyclope who have looked at me with a questioning face, but now i could not say nothing and i only shrugged.

After checked once again the notes of Jim that he had left me on the edge of the city  map, i have agreed as if was still in front of me, and after looked at me, i thought it was better change me, and i took all my things, and i have saluted Cyclope who would have said Michelle what he had seen, and certainly she have would understand.
With the heart in throat i have left the anteroom of the striptease club, and in hurry i have started to run toward the agency. 
Without realizing i had still the clothes of that last evening, and fortunately my raincoat was enough long to cover those dirty cloth.

Entered in my office i went in front to the cupboard and i took a pair of pants and a shirt that i would could get dirt without the problem of the laundry.
I had to be more comfort possible, in that raid  that i would could consider all mine. 
Dressing me, i was thinking to all things that Jim had said, looking at me straight into my eyes talking seriously.
He wanted being sure that i knew what we were about to do was risky, but by the way i have looked at him, he have understand that i was ready to risk my life, and his words have resounded in my head, and looking at inside the mirror of that cupboard, i have nodded.”


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