When i have -38-

Ended talk with Jim, i have hanged the handset lost in thought, but Cyclope have got me back in reality, with a simple question: “Does he come?” I have smiled him, “Yes!”
Cyclope have looked at me a bit relief, even if he didn’t know what were my plans, but he was sure that i had one. 
I hoped that my friend Michelle had ended the rehearsals, so i would have say everybody what have happened and what had in mind.

In my mind was a good plan, but i had to hear it that have came out from the mouth to have even a small confirmation what my mind had contrived,  but first to do all on my own, i wanted know if all that, was one thing that i have would could do without involving that small army that instead solve, had got worse that situation.
Here it was a situation “run and flee”, and for how i had figured it, i had need just only a couple of  nimble creatures, and Jim was one of them.

In waiting for Jim, i was still waiting for Michelle. Yvonne was already arrived and when she have noticed my bandaid on the forehead she have told me that, despite she lived from far to the striptease, she had heard several shots, and she have said that she had called Cyclope who had told her that likely was his cousin had planned that raid with me.
Her eyes were straight into mine, while i was telling her that what she had heardt to were some shots that those villains had shooted while they were escaped.

Surely i didn’t have tell her that someone of them had pointed on my head a gun. She have would fainted immediately, but i have told her that i have passed one of the wortest moment of my life.
See my Luke for few instants still alive, it gave me more strenght to fight, and this time i would fight my personal battle to set free all my men.
I didn’t have seen Billy&Bob but i knew they were together with Luke.
But by one thing i had to thank that raid squad. They had made escape them in a place with less arms, and their plan to raze the city would been less burdensome, and the Cyclope’s cousin had left order to keep an eye on that building, so got back to get that weapons would been more difficult.

What i didn’t know was that as soon got back in apartment the chief of the police with his raid squad have got back in the building and they  confiscated all the weapons found in there.
It have been the second thing that Jim had said me, when he came to the striptease club.
I hadn’t still see Michelle, but i knew she was in her dressing room with Yvonne who was telling her everything.
When Jim have arrived, i had asked Cyclope to warn her that i was with someone of the police, and i would tell her everything when i would have ended.

Cyclope had settled a table in the anteroom of the club, where nobody have would not been annoyed us. 
As soon entered, the first table: small and really unique in its genre, and undercontrol by Cyclope, if we had have need of something. Nobody would not noticed that at that table there was an investigate girl and a creature of police who were planning another raid.
Jim had noticed that i was ok, despite what i had passed the night before, and he have noticed that i was more determined to go till the end, and without made it on purpose, Cyclope have said: “Jim, she don’t stop herself, not even with a gun pointed on her sweet face…” 
He have stared his friend for a bit, and he replied: “I see it!”
I blushed looking at both, but then i have looked at Jim and i have continued to explain my plan with the city map on the table. And till now my speech have go straight on  without  any snag

At the agency i had studied well the two forsaken building in which they have would could have the second armory, and i had discarded the farest one, and i had pointed everything i had on that one closer to the city, and this time, i had need only of  another couple of hands, and in that case of four paws more with as many weapons. No trucks, no military suit, no night vision goggles, but only our smartness.”


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