It’s a wonderful

Sensation, when everything around become how you wish, and you begin feel the closeness of your beloved.
It what i’m feeling right now. 
I’m starting  feel your, and my heart begin beating strong at unison with your.
I have to throw away all the air from the lungs, because when i feel your arms around my belly, i begin fly with you toward Our Parallel World. 
And it seems everything so strange from when i uncovered what i  uncovered yesterday, but in someway i knew it. 
But now i feel our connection seems stronger. 

I feel you closer and your thoughts running in my minds and everything become more beautiful.
The soft punch in the stomach is something bigger, and when i look at you everything  is how always wished. 

You transmit all the calmness and the peace i need, and it’s one of many reasons i love you so much.


Listen to it 🔉⤵

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