When from -34-

The walky talky have came out a creaking noise, and after a second i have recognized the voice of the cousin of Cyclope, Jim  have replied, and right after have closed the communication. 
Now everybody were in front of that building, and as  i have noticed the first time i have checked  from the up extremity from that gate, inside there was a light that illuminating weakly at least a part of that building, or at least the entrance.

Jim have ordered everybody to went down from the truck, doing it in silent, they have gripping their weapons. 
Jim helped me to went down, then in a sigh, he said: “Whatever happens you have to follow me, ok?” 
I have thought to have say “Yes”, but from my mouth haven’t came out any sound. 
The more i was seeing that scene that slowly was developing in front me, the more i was realizing that there was no more time to  reasoning on all the hints you have left me, and you was in that building, and i had collected all those elements and all that it would be end in short. 

But before to make irruption, Jim have ordered to his men to make a checking round that building and even if he was the lead and he have would could remain in safe behind the big numbers of creatures, he have prefered to lead himself the group always with me as his second shadow.
Swallowed the first fear, i have followed him, to the right side of the building, and as i have remembered along  a stretch of that strange building there was a long and rectangular window, where i have could see the interior, and as Jim have noticed, it could seemed a big atruim with in the middle an arc that was dividing the main entrance with another place of the buiding still unknown. 

Before to went  along the right side of the building, Jim studied the main entrance but he hadn’t found a way to opened without break it, but when he saw that window, he had seen a simple way to enter without make noise.
That window the opening toward outside, and with some few maneuvers, it would have been open. 
With a sigh he have called a creature, and with few gestures have made him understand that they would have entered from there, and that creature, who was the only one who didn’t have the night vision goggles, have started to handle with few tools, and only after a couple of minutes, one by one of the raid squad entered very silent.

The chief of police due his size was remained in his truck, but he was following everything through the cams that the main leaders of those two groups had on in his helmets. 
When one of them have taken me and have let me enter, i have remained astonished as much big it was that atrium.
When i have looked at in front of the first thing i have noticed it have been an acient armor placed in a dark corner of that lobby. 
What have impressed me  have been the main color of that room: a reddish tending brownish, and the floor  was an enormous piece of white marble with black pentagon line.
We remained there a bit to study the envirmoment around us, but beyond that arc the look have totally changed.
It seemed don’t terminated, but we didn’t have care. 

We looked at us around only to being sure that there was nobody, but everything we, above all me, were looking at was another piece of that big puzzle that i was putting together, and now were remained very few pieces to fix.
Checked both enviroment, Jim have made everybody that it was time see where  brought that stair that we had found at the bottom of that big entrance. 
We were looking at it, and in silence  we were looking for to hear some noises or voices, but in a first moment we hadn’t hear nothing, but when i have recognized your feeble voice, my blood have stop run in veins, and i held the arm of Jim, who had recognized even him, your voice.

My heart have jumped in head, and everything pulsing inside me and before to got calm me  i had to throw away all the air from the lungs a couple of time, and only when i heardt you once again, i sighed your name. 
Putting his finger on his mouth Jim turned himself toward me, and he have made the others understand that they had to went upstair and check from where the voice came from, and settle themselves for an immediate attack. 
I have looked at Jim with wide eyes open. 
He remained unfazed, set on what do next.”


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