When we -33-

Had reached the police deparment it was still afternoon, but when the skinny creature have accompanied me in that sort of dressing room, i remained breathless because from a big window along the aisle i have noticed that the evening had made its entrance, and that we have would do irruption with the darkness by our side.
That creature who have accompanied in the change room, have studied me well during our short path, and witholut wast time, as soon entered in that big change room, he immediately went in front at a small cupboard and he have pulled out a perfect uniform for my small size.
I have dressed it with some difficulty but at end i entered in perfectly.

That uniform was a simple military suit, but with a lot of pockets and braces, and they were them that got confused me, but when i have been capable to wear it as it had to be, that creature have smiled me, and at end he have said: “Thank to you maybe we can stop that creature. It was long time that our chief was waiting an occasion like this. I knew that your investigation service would have could unmask that shady creature.” I was listening his words with an only thought in mind, and i was praying all that was prayable, and as a mantra i was whispering your name, praying that  i was still in time.

Came out to that change room that creature who have assisted me have knocked the office of the chief, and as before he have opened the door looking at the desk, announcing that  even i was ready. 
I was in that noisy big open office, where now it didn’t flew not even a fly, and a numerous raid squad was in waiting to enter in action, and when the chief of the police, have made came out Michelle first, then he have closed door, the tension have increased. Now their chief was looking at one by one his creatures, and it seemd that he was speaking them silenciosly. I have only could imagine what he was saying them, but when he have came closer to me and he have presented me, that solemn silence have been broke.
“It’s thank to her that we have reached this day. Thank to her investigations we have something real concrete. Now we know that we can act with legimity, and we can arrest him with a real  incrimination, morever, he have kidnapped his boyfriend Luke, who we know well, and other two her collaborator of her agency. 
She believe that  every his ill-deals have end in this building” and he have indicated that street behind the striptease club on the big city map on the great wall of the that open office.
“And very soon, if not in the next hours that building will get in fire as all the city. That’s why we have to  run and also in hurry,  Jim you will lead the first group. Daria will follow you in each step, she have to find Luke, Billy&Bob, i will follow you with the second one.”
Only hearing those sentences that i have realized that the time to act have arrived for real. 

Michelle was behind the big chief, and only when our glances have met, she have have wided open her green eyes, while on my face it was printing a sort of dread, mixed with all my wish to embrace you and looking at you straight into those blue eyes, saying nothing, but i knew that it wasn’t time to dream still.
Jim have said me to follow him, and only with the gaze i have saluted Michelle, but she have wanted say aloud: “Be careful! Bring back Luke! I have wait for you in the striptease club…!”

While i was leaving the open office of the department, my heart seemed going crazy, and that blood savour in my mouth got back. I followed Jim with the others creatures of that first group of that raid squad in a big garage, where was an enormous equipped military truck, was already ready to reach the destination.

When  we have came out from that garage that city it was slowly transforming in that city that i have not recognize. That truck was the only mean of transportation in that city. 
To the driver Jim have said to proceed slowly, instead i wanted run, but after reasoning on that Jim knew what he had to do. 
My was only desire to enter in that building and scream your name, but i knew that it wasn’t possible, even because once in front of that building, all my intentions would have vanish, and the fear have would paralyzed me.
While we were reaching that building, Jim was giving the latest orders to the others creatures who were checking their weapons one by one, and only at end everybody have turned on their glasses for night vision, and when the truck have slowly stop, he indicated those glasses that i had on my military suit, making me see how they got turning on.

I knew myself very well as long we  would have remaind inside the truck my heart would be explodes in my chest. Only when we have would enter in action, my heart would have pumped adrenaline in all my body, and that cold that i was feeling inside me, it would vanish in a blink.
In meanwhile, in my mind were run that image of us together.
Without realize, i have whispered your name, and looking at Jim, i have thrown away all the air from the lungs. 
I was going to set you free.”


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