When he -32-

Let us enter in his office, we were still overwhelmed. 
Cyclope  had never said that he had someone in police, and someone very important as the chief  of the entire department.
But however Cyclope hadn’t never talk much about himself, and for sure what we knew about was what he wanted that we had know. And his cousin had noticed it throught our astonish glance, and he began smiling, almost laughing.
“I suppose that my cousin didn’t tell you that i was the chief of police…and however you should know him. But come to the serious things. He said me that you have something important to say me”, meanwhile he was looking at that bag from which coming out all the B&B report. 

I was thinking to have fear to expose him everything, but he’ve been so sensible that i’ve didn’t realized to tell everything while he given a quick look to every report, but above all to all my notes, and he have sweetly smiled even to the phrases out of place with the many doodles i have drawn while i was looking for to a logical thread to all that. 
At end he said: “I see these B&B have made a good job, and your conclusions are well formulated, and it seem me that it’s time to check everything”, and he refered to the building, but when i have shared a glance with him, and Michelle, he have immediately comprehended that that checking it already have been done by me in first person. 
As his cousin, he have  looked with wide eye open, and he held back the breathe. 
Then i have looked  Michelle, and i pushed her to say what she had heardt. 

“We went here, only with a demand. I know that in that building there is my boyfriend… Luke… and i have to set him free before that they decide to get start to fire the city, and naturally i want stop them, but i need of your support.” And so i have looked at Michelle first who have nodded looking the chief of the police, and then she have added: “… and i want see that gross creature behind the bars of prison, i have had to heardt to many disgusting things from his mouth, and now it’s his turn”
He was looking at me very seriously, and after have nodded several times, he have looked at Michelle first replying: “I know what you mean” and we both have thought to our Cyclope who surely have told him what was happening in that striptease, when he had the possibility to speak with his cousin.

He knew that was happening something, but he could not do nothing without something of concrete. He have asking something to his cousin at the local, but Cyclope could say only what he have looking at, but now that he was leafing once again all the report and my thoughts in regard, he was more conviced that Luke first then me, had uncovered the biggest ill-deal of that city, and he have confirmed that without those report and your note, everything have would be reamined like that, and maybe the city would get in fire only for satisfy a contort mind.

When he was making some phone calls inside the department to organize as soon as possible the raid in that building, he have wanted know also about Billy&Bob, and i have said that even them were disappereance, and i said him my opinion that even them were in that building. 
While i was saying him that latest thing, his big eye in the middle of the head, have wided opened more. 
“So we have not time to waste!” he said and getting up he have opening the office door and he have screamed to the noisy big office, calling some policemen by name, he have ordered them to organize a squad because in short they have would do irruption inside the building.

He have closed the door, knowing that his policemen, have would put up a good squad ready to everything, and he have sat once again on his chair, looking at those reports, and leafing some, he have looked at me. he have asked me from when Luke had started to investigate on that, believing that i remember the exact period, but after a couple of seconds of silence and doubts, i have stared at Michelle who have replied for me, givin all the precise informations that the cousin of Cyclope wanted. At end she have blushed and he have sweetly smiled her thanking.

Outside the office we could have listen to all the policemen who get preparing, and only when someone have knocked the office door, and the door slowly opened a creature of which i didn’t have recognize the form, have glimpsed inside and have informed us, but above all his chief that the raid squad was ready, they waiting for his orders. 
He have looked at me, knowing that rightly i would wanted come, and he said to that creature to accompanied me in that that was for Michelle the dressing room. 
Michelle have looked at me with wide eyes open, holding back the breathe, but the chief have assured her that everything would have went  ok. She have sighed my name saying even to be careful. 
I have nodded.”



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