I had looked -31-

At everybody my interlocutors, and they were awaiting that i have said only one word and  taken all my folders and leave the club, about that moment it seemed it didn’t  ever arrive.
But when Michelle have collected all those important folder in my bag, she have looked straight into my eyes, and sighed she said: “You have to go, you have to unmask the dirty business, and above all you have to save your man.” She have smiled me. 

She had  right i had and i wanted do all those things, but what it have stopped me, it was that i was not  a great chatter, above all with being that in didn’t ever seen or meet. You can imagine my discomfort in the police department in front of a real policeman, even if he was the cousin of the creature who i have knew for first in that city. 
With a sort of shyness i got up and i have collect all my folders in my bag. I was about to leave the club, when Yvonne have noticed the picture of you and me on table, and she have stopped me just in time. 
She came to me made me see the picture, saying: “Honey you have forget this!” I have looked at that picture smiling. 
Taking it in hand i have looked again that small group, above all Michelle, and with a glance that only her comprehended i have asked her: “Please don’t leave me alone!” and immediately have said: “Wait , i have to say you something!”
I was about to exit from the club, and when she have reached me, she have exit from the club with me. 
She have stared at me and when nobody could listen to me,  i have confessed my total reverential fear for the police, and she immediately understand that was Luke had relationship with that kind of istitution, and only saying me: “Wait”, she entered once again  in the club, and only after few minutes, she have came out with a sinthetic fur, and a pair of sunglasses. 

Even if she wasn’t obliged say where she had to go, she announced that she had to do some commisions.
But Yvonne and Cyclope weren’t stupid, they had held the game.
And so, together we have directed  toward the police department.
After a long stretch of road in silence, she have looked at me asking me how i have would faced the whole situation in front  of  Cyclope’s cousin.

I have looked at her throught those sunglasses,  and for a moment i remained speechless
I have would started from the beginning, but Michelle had to add another important little piece to that big puzzle that i had put it together.
“Let me speak first. Maybe  what i have heard from the stage the latest evening is linked to what  you have uncovered. 
I didn’t wanted alarmed everybody before, but when i have heard those voices  i have timmediately thought to you and Luke in that bulding. But now we have to run at the police.”

I wanted hear what she had heardt, but she haven’t open mouth till we have arrived in front of that building in which on the facade the unequivocal sign of the police.
I have stopped myself for a while, then i have looked Michelle, with a questioning face then i have looked at her deeper, and i made her understand that i would not move from there if  she had say me what she have listened when i was still  in the desertic zone.

She have looked at me with wide eyes open, and at end, she talked.
What she have said have me felt in guilt to don’t being been capable to break in that building when i had the possiblity. 
But now we had to organize everyhting with the police and even hurry. 
They have would started to raze the city from the building with anyone who was inside, and we both knew at who they  have refering themselves.

I looked at Michelle with the heart in throat, and tightening those folders i entered without see nobody, just looking for a Cyclope like my friend.
Only when a hand have touched my shoulder, calling my name, i have turned, and i found in front of me an indentical copy of Cyclope.
He made us understand to follow, and when he have open that door we both remained breathless.
Cyclope had not say us  that his cousin was the chief  of police”


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