I have looked -30-

Cyclope knowing that he had something very important to say me regarding my demand, but now we had to waited for Michelle, to get back everybody calm. 
Yvonne was still caressing incredulous that i was got back, and only when Michelle wrapped by one of his bathrobe have came out from the drapery of the big salon, have said:”Hey what’s going on?” but when her green eyes have set on me, there was a moment of silence and she have shared a severe glance slowly approaching to me, and only when she have put infront of me, she have whispered: “Don’t try it
again!!” and then she have merged in one of the biggest embrace that she have gave me.

I knew, she would have been the worriest of the group, and as i have figured each day, she have asked Cyclope informations, if i had call the club. 
She had right, and i had no excuses, but she have cutted it, asking if i had find something important, and accompanying me at that isolated table of the bar, she have wanted know everything, and even Yvonne have sat close to me, so i have restarted to say them what i had uncovered. 

They have remained breathless when i have told about the Pepe’s Motel and all regarding that place.
Ocasionally Yvonne have sighed, and i have could imagine what have ran in her mind. I have nodded her, and i made see them the picture that you had gave to the homeless, and i have repeated  them the promise i have made to myself .
“How is romantic” have whispered Yvonne gave back to me that picture of us together.

When Cyclope have arrived at table, i was to tell to the girls about the building, and he have waited for see their gazes to understand if what he had confided me before was their same opinion. 
All sudden, after that romantic atmosphere, of a ” princess warrior who goes save her chained prince”, it have changed in the most scariest atmosphere that just few words could create, and looking at Cyclope i have reprised the interrupted speech when Yvonne have overwhelmed us.

“Now, at this point i am at a turn point. I have collected all the informations of which i had need, and every hints have bringing me there, but as i, already said Cyclope, now i need someone more expert than me, and also ready to fight. Now i have to go the police, expose them all my case and ask them their help.”
Now all glances were set on Cyclope, who seemed embarassed.
But after he have coughed, have started to explain.

“My cousin works in the police department, you can go to him. He’s one of the most smart creature i have ever known, and you can trust him. I can immediately call him and you can go at the police even this afternoon. You cannot wrong. He looks like me but he’s a little bigger than me.”
I have looked at him while my eyes got brightening more. Then i have looked at Michelle and Yvonne who had shared each other a glance, and then, have looked at me encouraging to take all those reports, and go right now.

I have looked at everybody, one by one, while on my face was painting itself a scared glance.
“Baby, this only the beginning of the second phase!” had said Michelle, who looking at Cyclope had ordered him go to call right now his cousin, and the big giant have understanding her gesture, he went to the counter, and he have took the black phone handset, making rounding the disk phone.

We everybody wanted listening to Cyclope what saying to his cousin, and when we have heard him say: “I believe that the D&L investigation have found something of real big, now they have need of your support… i don’tell you every details, but it’s very important and it’s regarding the chubby creature… when she can come… come only her… yes her name is Daria, she have all the material… oh ok, thanks, so when she want, can come… thank you!” 
Cyclope had spoke to his cousin looking at me, and from his replies i have figured the questions that his cousin had made him, and only when Cyclope have hanged the phone handset, he looked at me deeper, and for a second he have stand firm in front at the phone, and for the time he remained there, the atmosphere have freezed. 

When he returned at the table, he have reprised to breath, and have confirmed everything what i had heard to.
Moving only the lips, i have thanked him, while he have sat with us. 
For a long instants we  everybody have looked at each other in silence.”


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