I have -29-

Taken my raincoat and with all the bag in which i had all the B&B’ report i have came out, taking a last gaze at that license plate, thinking to all what it would have happened in the those next hours.
I didn’t want thought to the only word that was running in my mind, but it was the only one that was describing that fuss i was about to raise in the city, and was describing at better all that.

Came out from the building, i have stopped for a while on the sidewalk, and almost i didn’t have recognized that city that just few hours ago was unrecognizable. 
The sky was always grey, but at least the creatures were got back to being those i had always seen in street and those monsters were vanish.
I have shyly smiled, and i have directed myself to the striptease club. I knew that i would have found it closed, but i believe that if i had knocked the door that sort of bodyguard have would recognized me and there was no need to say who i was.
Walking i was looking at me around, i have got tranquilized myself more. and when i have arrived in front of that wooden door, before knock i have looked at  inside, and at difference of few hours ago, it was full of creatures that i knew, and my eyes have brighted more when i saw Cyclope at the counter, and without thinking much with the biggest smile printed on my face, i have knocked the door, and when i have noticed that there was no the bodyguard, but it have been Cyclope to open the door, i felt relief. 

Also on Cyclope face have printed a big smile, and he have made me immediately enter, asking me how i was doing, and above all where i was ended. He have made me sit on a stool in front of his counter offering everything i would have wished. He was so excited see me there. He have made me a lot of questions and i didn’t have time to reply to anyone of them.
He wanted interrupted the rehearsals of Michelle, but the bodyguard had said that none had to not interrupt her.
“It’s ok, don’t worry,  i will be here for tell everybody what i have uncovered, and then i will ask you a favor”
Cyclope with his only one eye in the middle of head, have looked at me, with a questioning expression. 

Surely i have could not get wait for the end of the Michelle rehearsals to say everybody the news. 
I had not have breakfast, so i have asked Cyclope to get prepare me a cup of coffe with some brioches that had glimpsed at the entrance.
When he have put in front the cup and two big brioches, i have smiled him with the biggest smile i have could, and after i have tasted the savour of that brioche, all my thoughts got calm, and for a moment i have felt in the most peaceful place i have been. 

Eated half brioche i have saw Cyclope who was staring at me with still questioning, and understanding he wanted know how it went, i have drunk some sips of the coffee and slowly i have started to tell him everything from the beginning. From the note that Michelle had found in that book in my office, and where that your hand note have brought me. 
When i have told him that i had followed your tracks till in that forsaken zone of the city, he have looked at me dazed, saying that for what he had hear, it was one of the dangerous zone of the town. 

I have had to contradict him, and when he have stared at me, looking for to understand what i wanted mean, after  few seconds he have wided his only eye so, that it seemed splashed out from his eye socket.
He had comprehended the meaning of that glance, but it have been only after a couple of seconds that he have said: “You mean that… is more dangerous here…” 
I have looked at straight in the that eye, and after a bit i looked at me around, as if  someone else coud hear what i was about to say him. I have came closer more to him, and Cyclope have bended himself toward me, and when have said him about that dark building behind the striptease club, he leapt backward. He knew it and it didn’t like at all since the beginning. He said me that he kept himself far from it.

“You are crazy!” he said me whispering. Now also he was looking at himself around, and staring at him i have said conviced: “I’m sure that all ill-deal ends there”, and looking at Cyclope i have sighed: ” I have to get back there, but i can’t do it alone, there is risk that i don’t get back. I need hand of the police, but i don’t know who contact.”
I have left that phrase in suspension, while i was looking that big giant in front of me.
He was about to say me something when the music in the main salon have ended, and Yvonne have been the first who have got back inside the small bar, and when she have looked at me she have screamed for the joyness, and with all the centaur body that she bringing herself behind, she have shaked the floor,  but when she have arrived to me, she have been so delicate in her embrace. I have smiled her, and i gave her back the embrace, and embrancing her, i have looked at Cyclope knowing that he was about say something very important. 

Now i was me with a questioning face, but the enthusiasm of Yvonne have overwhelmed everybody, till she have called Michelle.”


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