I was tempted -28-

To remain in that dark alley looking for to hear your voice, tempting to save you in a desperate way, but more i was here, the more i was thinking that it was the more stupid move i would have do in my whole life.
The more i moving away from there, i was felt better, but a tangle of emotions were fighting inside me.
Holding back the breathe, at end i have decided to go away, and slowly i have dive myself in that city that in those hours it didn’t belonged to me.

I have stopped in front the striptease club, and i have came closer to the anonimous wooden door and through the small round glass i have took a glimpse if i have could see something, but above all someone, but  the only light inside at the bottom at the long counter, have made me understand that there was no not even a beetle inside, and for the very first time, the striptease had a look that i didn’t like at all. It seemed that it was merged itself with the exterior atmosphere, and when an elongated shadow from outside have drawn a monster along the interior walls of the club, i jolted, and immediately i have turned with the heart in throat, and only when i i have indetified that shadow in one biggest walking creature, i have throwing away all the air from the lungs, and thinking to get back in the office, i have looked at myself around, and i have taken the way of return.

Only making the first steps toward the office, i have begin stared the concrete of that sidewalk, and looking at straight where i had to go, i didn’t distracted me, and only i  have reached the building, i have looked at me around, and semed that those enormous creatures had invaded the town. 
When i locked the door of my office i have felt myself in safe.
I had not have ever fear of nothing, but in those instants for the very first time, i have felt a sensation of discomfort and dread.

I have remained breathless. It seemed that i had ran for km, and only i have looked at me around in my office, i have said myself: “Shit Daria! Now you have to rest! ” I have thrown away all the few oxygen that i had in body, and slowly i have took off my raincoat and slowly i have laid on that couch.

In the following hours i didn’t hear anything, not even that the city resumed a normal life.
When i opened my eyes the next morning, for the first few seconds i stayed where i stared at my office, furniture by furniture, frame by frame, and when my gaze stopped on a aknlowedgement i read what it was on.
“The Mayor compliments with Luke and Daria for their D&L’s INVESTIGATION,  for have given the city it’s first private investigation service…. ” 
I have stared it with a bitter grimace, thinking to the few  investigations that we had failed, and now  we were about to uncovered the biggest conspiracy that the city was about to receive.

With that thought in mind, i got up, and went in bathroom to refreshen. I had to organize what to do, as soon come out from that office.
At that point i have arrived in which i had need help of the police. 
I didn’t know what or who i have would meet going back alone in that dark building. 
I had  to have someone more expert than me, ready to fight in case of necessity.
Looking at me around in that office, i have feel myself a bit lost, but it was what i had to do. 
I did not ever went at the police, and not even i knew someone who could know someone there. 
The only place where i have could ask was the striptease club, and going back there, i have would see my friends and i would have warned them about what i had uncovered, and maybe let me say what which they had heard in those days i was in Pepe’s motel. 

I reviewed that aknowledgement, and what was written on it hammered my head.
It would have been a wonderful revenge, but at what price?”


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